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Concrete vibrators come in different sizes and shapes and are mainly used for construction based application. They are used for concrete compaction mainly in constructing roads, railways, and buildings. Concrete vibrators consolidate freshly poured concrete to remove the trapped air and excess water. They are used to settle the concrete firmly in the place of form-work for proper consolidation of concrete and avoid product defects. In addition, vibrators come in different frequencies ranging from 2800 to 15000 rpm. Below are the different types of concrete vibrators;

Internal Vibrators

Internal Vibrators

Internal vibrators are small steel cylinder with an electrical cord at the end of the tool. The head of the vibrator is dipped in the wet concrete. It is a high-frequency vibrator designed to operate at 12, 000 to 17,000 vibrations per minute. Amplitudes range from 0.015 to 0.08 inches. The frequency of the vibrator is about 700 cycles per minute. The machine is most effective when the vibrating head comes in contact with the concrete.

External Vibrators

External Vibrators

External vibrators are also called shutter form vibrators. They are made with a base plate and they are used to consolidate the freshly poured foundation and the compact surface of precast concrete. The external vibrator is operated on a 3 phase induction motor and has a fully closed structure.

These vibrators are rugged, dependable, easy to maintain, and have a power cord with 4 cables having a rubber coating. The casing is made from aluminum alloy casting and is has a lightweight and highly efficient motor structure. The vibrators are used in the place of internal vibrators when working in congested areas, arches, and tunnel linings.

Surface Vibrators

Surface Vibrators

Surface vibrators are placed directed on the surface of the concrete. They vibrate concrete from the surface at the time when screeding is carried out. These vibrators are used to compact shallow elements and concrete with low water content.  Surface vibrators cannot be used in case the concrete to be vibrated is more than 250mm.

These machines can also be used to compact dry mixes. Examples of surface vibrators include pan vibrators and vibrating screed. Applications of surface vibrators include patching and repairing work of horizontal surfaces like pavement slabs and compacting slabs.

Vibrating Tables

Vibrating tables settle and compact a lot of materials in several types of troughs or containers. There are mainly two types of vibrating tables; electromagnetic and electro-mechanical vibrating tables.

To select the right one, a number of factors are considered. These include characteristics of the material, the application, type of container, and the maximum weight to be handled. Vibrating tables have a rigidity built steel platform mounted on a flexible spring and is driven by an electric motor.

These vibrators are user friendly and able to hold up to 200 lbs. They have low power consumption and high operational efficiency. They don’t produce noise require low maintenance. Common applications include testing of welded joints in the automobile and electronic industry, compaction, detachment, and aeration of bulk materials, proper flow of materials in dies to avoid the bubbles in molded parts, and effective packing of powders in the chemical industry. This machine allows you to add more materials in smaller containers and reduce overflow or spillover waste at filling stations.

Depending on the nature of concrete compaction and various structural and construction requirements, there are various concrete vibrators you can choose from as discussed above. Vibrators have different speeds of vibrations designed to compact the different sizes of particles. It is therefore to carefully compare all details before settling on the right concrete vibrators.  This way, you will get the most efficient results for your project.

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