Understanding GPR Survey And Why They Are Essential During Remodels

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In simplest terms a Grounded Penetrating Radar is a basic non-invasive type of technology that is designed to allow a user to scan under the surface in addition to walls to find out what is hidden behind the surface. While these types of surveys can used for a extensive amount of results, they are generally quite valuable to determine the overall route of a flue.

The company known as Turner Baker has developed a number of specialized pieces of equipment and software that help to perform a survey behind a wall. When this is performed it allows one to understand the general direction that the flue runs in. There are a number of flues that will run behind a fireplace, some do manage to run through the various spaces of the wall.

For a technical examination, the GPR surveying method relies on a technology known as pulse electromagnetic imaging. This is done through the use of radiation that will help to generate an image on the surface. However, this is a non-intrusive and non-destructive manner. This is a particularly useful way of conducting a survey within a property.

GPR surveys / Precision utility mapping also has the ability to locate metallic and non-metallic materials alike. This can include but is not limited to the following:

– Concrete

– Metals

– Plastic

– Voids

When an older home is being remodeled, GPR technology can be quite useful. All disused flues will be found on the property which might be affected if any flooring or walls are to be removed. At the basic level, a GPR survey has the ability to find the deepest secrets of the home!

All of these can be achieved in an easy manner without the need to compromise the integrity or beauty of the home or building. The unit is actually a handheld device that will function when it is placed against a surface. During this procedure, the unit will take a reading that is then interpreted by an expert with specialized software.

The following are just a few of the benefits one achieves with GPR surveys:

– Fully safe for a public space as it it non-destructive and non-invasive.

– Able to detect voids, metals, and non-metallic objects.

– The survey can be completed on one side of a wall or floor.

– Both depth and dimension are estimated from the data that is derived during the process.

– Data can be collected in a very quick manner from a large area.

Why GPR Surveys Are Useful

GPR survey have been proven useful time and time again through renovation projects. This is true for properties that have various flats. As it is possible for walls to have a number of flues from various floors, a space may need to be redesigned in a way that is not going to affect the individuals around you.

It should also be noted that flues can be repurposed to hold wiring and pipework. If you ever plan to renovate in a manner that is going to need for the removal of flooring and walls, a GPR survey should be performed first and foremost to prevent any costly accidents or inconveniences.