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It is very true that commercial roofing is more complex than residential roofing. Whether we talk about office buildings, malls, warehouses and retail stores, roofs of these commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes. The commercial roofing contractor handles the repair and installation work. Thus, hiring the right commercial roofing contractor is a must for a quality roofing job.
But how to choose the right commercial roofing contractor?
Commercial roofs can be fabricated with a wide range of material. Thus, depending on your requirement, choice and budget you can decide on the commercial roofing contractor and the roofing services. Further to ensure the quality roofing job, below are some helpful tips to get the most qualified commercial roofing contractor:


First people to reach out for recommendations are your family and friends. Ask them if they could recommend any good commercial roofing company. Accordingly you can do the background check and look at their portfolios in places like Roofers Auckland. Your trust and confidence to hand over the roofing contract easily builds up when you hire a recommended roofing contractor.


One major benefit of choosing a local company is that you can visit them anytime you need their services. Another advantage is that if they are within the area they would fulfill their promise on warranty. But if they are away or out of reach the warranty would nullify.


Most of the businesses are listed on online review websites. One should always check on the individual review sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google reviews that provide reliable information like roofers work, customers experience with the company and their service quality.
You can also check the company’s website and their social media handles for feedback and testimonials. Reviews can definitely help you make an informed decision.


Complete background check is a must for any roofing company. You need to make sure that the commercial roofing contractor works according to the law. Commercial roofers should have their license of registration. There are companies that claim to be professional roofing contractors but they may not have the license to do so. Thus, it is advisable to check if the roofing company is registered by the government.


You need to ensure that the commercial contractor you plan to hire is covered by insurance. In case any worker suffers any injury while working at your bounds then you may have to recompense a heavy penalty. In order to circumvent such situations, hire a roofing company that is covered by insurance.


Enquiring is the perfect way to find a reliable commercial roofing contractor. To substantiate their work quality an esteemed roofing company would gladly provide their former customers details (of course with their due permission).


Roof maintenance is extremely important and so are the extended warranties. Warranties help you claim free repairs or substitutes. For your ataraxia choose a company that offers a warranty of their services for 20 to 25 years in written as you cannot predict when the roof might require any restoration.


Wisdom comes from experience. If you hire an experienced commercial roofing contractor; minimum time and money you will have to invest. Minimum time because the roofing contractor can help you with accurate information like the type of shingles that will work, its benefits and consequences, the technique and the maintenance.
But if you hire an inexperienced roofing company, you might have to compromise with the material and the quality of work. Further, after some time you may need to hire another commercial roofer to get the work done; which means more investment.


Roofing contractors can offer a wide range of choices but if you wish to have a particular look and finish of the commercial building you need to check upon the expertise.
For instance, some contractors may specialize in wood roofing whereas the other may be much into slate tile. So if the building requires to have a specific roof then may need to check on the contractors experience with the material or their prior work.
If you want to install a roof that is environmentally friendly then you need to connect the green roofing contractor. But then you need to check if the contractor actually uses the environment sustainable material or is just for the advertisement stunt.


Generally, roofing companies give you an estimate once they assess your commercial roof. For this, they may charge a fee. But if you keep paying so many companies just to get an estimate, then the analysis cost will be more than the actual roof installment.
In that case, you should opt for companies that offer free roof analysis.


Standards and budget are two important points you need to tick on. But don’t just stick to the budget, or else you may end up compromising on the quality. Hopefully, these tips help you shortlist the commercial roofing contractor that aptly fits in your requirement!

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  1. Thank you for explaining that you should check their online reviews before hiring a commercial roofer. We’ve been wondering how to find someone that can help us with some repairs on our roof. We’ll start checking these sites out so that we can narrow down our list of potential roofers.

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