10 things that motivate employees in the construction industry more than money

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Employee satisfaction is more of a journey than a destination. As such, many companies strive to keep their employees as engaged as practically possible as this has the net effect of generating profits through individual initiatives of motivated staff.

While most employees prefer monetary incentives, companies can employ the following alternative means as they are proven to create the same desired effect.

  1. Recognition

Great managers know their employees by their two names. Employees generally assume responsibility when they know their place in the organization structure and their contribution. Stopping to say “hi”   will go a long way in creating a motivated team.

  1. Quality of Workplace

Comfortable working environment will work miracles in your organization especially if you add a new facility that is providing value to your employees. Say a water dispenser where it never was, a microwave or a charge-free telephone for urgent calls.

 3. Birthday Cake

Birthdays only come once in 365 days. Companies seeking to motivate their employees should adopt this culture as it not only motivates staff but gives them an indebtedness that drives up their performance.

  1. Reserved Parking Space

Managers may decide to celebrate achievement of a particular employee by giving him/her the CEO’s parking spot for a day. This motivates the employee and gives them a sense of belonging to the organization.

  1. Opportunity for Growth

Organizations that offer opportunity for growth naturally motivate staff to aim for higher ratings that eventually lead to promotions, training and other material rewards. As a means to continuously encourage their employees, organizations sometimes use inspiring quotes for employees. These structures throw employees into a wild frenzy to climb the professional ladder by putting in incentive.

  1. Management Transparency

Organizations with elaborate communication paths leave no room for speculation or gossip as their staff feel part of the system and generally offer to fill in for miscommunications. Opaque communication channels leave employees in the dark and detaches them from a firm’s processes including its bottom-line- profits.

  1. President’s office for A Day

You can occasionally reward a performing employee by letting him/her work from the comfort of the boss’ office. However strange, this has the effect of encouraging the staff and make them bond with the organization and its structures.

  1. Handwritten “Thank You!” Note

When a firm’s manager manager takes their time off their tight schedule to pen a warm thank you message to an employee, that member of staff feels more appreciated and recognized at work and is likely to improve in performance.

  1. Satisfaction with Colleagues

Managers should invest in activities such as team-building, field trips and camps that enable members of staff to bond and interact with each other while learning the significance and contribution of each individual member towards the organization’s objectives

  1. Stock the Staff Kitchen

When you take good care of your employees needs they take care of your firm’s needs as well. Adding a few things here and there in the staff kitchen sends the message that the management understands the needs of employees and strives to solve them; this results in a motivated staff.