3 questions to ask yourself before buying a fabric building

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Investing in a tensioned fabric building system is a considerable decision. As with every major purchase, it’s important to weigh all pros and cons before committing to a solution. Make sure to ask yourself these 3 questions before buying a fabric building:

1. Will a Fabric Building Meet My Needs?

Fabric buildings have a surprisingly wide range of applications, from backyard greenhouses to entire sports arenas. Speaking with a building representative may help you determine which size and style structure is right for your specific needs, but with so many potential applications, we’re confident a tensioned fabric building will meet and exceed your expectations.

2. Does the Price Match My Budget?

Just like buying a car or a house, approaching a major buying decision with your ideal budget in mind is a good idea. That being said, you may find that choosing fabric structures over a steel or brick-and-mortar structure won’t just a cheaper investment – it might end up saving you significant money in the long term, with energy-efficient buildings and the potential for additions in the future. Due to the nature of a fabric building’s design, your budget may call for a 500-foot structure now, but you have the ability to extend the length and apply additions later on.

3. Will I Need to Relocate the Building in the Future?

Even if there’s an outside chance you’ll need to move the location of your structure in the future, investing in a tensioned fabric building is a wise move. Designed for portability and small-cube storage in mind, WeatherPort fabric structures offer quick construction and strike times, saving you valuable time and money, resulting in lowered logistics costs. And let’s face it – it’s not easy to tear down and move a building made from brick.