3 things construction employees fear telling project managers

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It is said that better management skills can be improved by getting feedback from your employees. However some employees may fear relaying information to their project managers you due to various reasons.Here are the three things research suggests your team too shy to tell you as specific suggestions for what to do about these issues.

1. They could be contributing more to the company
Your employees will never tell you that they contribute to the well being of your project or your company despite the fact that they are.
According to the research they fear letting you know that they are contributing more to the company more than you do personally.

2. They think your business is behind the curve
Your employees at some extent may think you won’t prosper in your business or they may see your business going down but they won’t let you know.

Unless you have few of them with great guts they will let you know. But according to research 80% of your employees will not let you know no mater what.

The Employees will frequently notice competitors pushing out ahead and doing things they wish their own company was doing. Seventy-six-percent of employees have said.

3. They want more feedback (but not more performance reviews)
According to the research it’s hardly news that everyone detests the annual performance review ritual. But if you were unsure, Know Your Company’s data confirms it.

“What employees want instead [of formal reviews] is regular, helpful feedback. The more regular this feedback and interaction is with managers, the more engaged employees are,” Lew insists.