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4 Commonly Overlooked Construction Tasks and How to Solve Them

When it comes to construction jobs, even the smallest errori in carrying out Construction Tasks can lead to serious consequences. That is why construction managers spend a lot of time planning and preparing their construction sites for upcoming work. Even though construction sites are usually well organized and carefully planned, sometimes even the best construction managers overlook some tasks.

Now we are not talking about serious mistakes like forgetting to put fire escape stairs, electricity boxes, etc., these are unforgivable, but rather about smaller tasks like forgetting to put extra outlets, valves, etc. In this article, we will cover the most commonly overlooked construction tasks and how to solve the problems they might cause.

Safety precautions

Safety on job sites is very important and there are strict rules and regulations that cover this area. But sometimes out of sheer ignorance or accidentally these regulations are broken. In the best-case scenario, this could lead to a fine from the inspection team or in the worst case, to people casualties if an accident happens on the construction site.

The most commonly broken safety regulations are about evacuation signs. People just don’t put enough of them and they are very important especially when we’re talking about big construction sites. If the job site has enough exit signs, people could evacuate without any trouble and quickly in case of an emergency. Another regulation that is often broken is about sanitation and hygiene. A lot of construction companies forget to supply their workers with fresh water and portable toilets. Even if they have them on the job site they are usually not enough or are not up to regulation standards. As a construction manager, you should always supply your workers with fresh bottled water and enough portable toilets.

Choosing the right tools

Tools should never be overlooked since they can make a difference between a job well done and various OSHA violations. There’s really no need to use cheap or inappropriate tools, especially today when one has access to big online stores like Sydney Tools and the global tool market. By visiting those stores you can shop for anything from ladders and scaffolding to various electrical and plumbing tools. All of these are top-notch quality ensuring every job gets done quickly, efficiently, and safely no matter how small or big it is. If you combine the right tools with experienced contractors, you have a recipe for success.

Leaving enough access points for outlets

This is often overlooked because people who are doing the wiring and people who are doing finishing jobs don’t communicate exactly how many outlets should be in a room. This is nothing too uncommon and is relatively easy to fix.

You can check wiring plans for your home and locate where all access points are. From these points, you can create new outlets. We don’t recommend doing this task yourself, messing with wires is dangerous. Instead, you should hire an expert electrician. They will safely access these points and finish the whole job before you even know it.

Creating an access point to the main pipes

Workers more often than not forget to leave access points to the main pipes in your house. Because pipes stay behind the walls they are impossible to access if there is no access point. This could lead to a number of complications and in the case of a flood, you won’t be able to shut down water valves. Don’t wait until the last minute to call an emergency plumber to tear down the wall and create one for you.

Instead, try to act preemptively and sort this issue as soon as possible. You will save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

Putting extra sound isolation

If you have ordered extra sound isolation in your home and you can still hear your neighbors, chances are that the construction company responsible for this task forgot to put it in. Construction sites are big and messy places and sometimes workers forget if someone has ordered an extra option. This is a similar situation to the previous problem and, usually, happens because of bad planning and communication.

The solution is simple. Contact the company that was assigned to this task in the first place and let them inspect your walls to see if sound isolation is really missing. If that is the case they should immediately add that extra layer without any additional expenses.


These four tasks are the most often overlooked on construction sites. Luckily, there are solutions and fixes for all of them. Just remember to fix them as soon as you spot them, so you don’t end up repairing more damage.

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