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The building materials industry is highly competitive, so your marketing strategy is what sets you apart from your competitors.

In the past, your company may have focused on the biggest construction companies in the country in order to maximise your profits from each project.

Relationships with large construction companies are undoubtedly valuable, but awareness among medium and small construction companies is equally important.

By implementing these tactics, you can quickly diversify your client base without expending a lot of time, energy, or money.

Hence, the team at More Than Words Marketing have come up with a comprehensive set of four marketing tools that will work effectively for suppliers of construction materials regardless of their size or location.

  1. Highlight your product’s unique features
  2. Maintain a strong website
  3. Offer resources via your website and digital marketing
  4. Market via email

Highlight your product’s unique features

Make sure you don’t offer the same pitch to every construction company.

Your product should stand out as a solution for the construction company’s specific needs in order to capture attention from online marketing, direct mail or your sales pitch.

Whether you have an existing relationship you can analyse with automated marketing or not, information gathering is essential to personalise your pitch.

Find out what type of projects the potential customer specialises in.

A package builder typically works with a large budget and multiple subcontractors on both design and construction of a building. A small renovation company, on the other hand, typically works on home alterations, as well as smaller commercial and office projects with a smaller team and a smaller budget.

You will be able to determine the kind of solution you should pitch based on this information.

It is also possible to find much of this information online. Alternatively, you can call prospects in your construction company database to find out more information.

Knowing what the current market looks like, as well as what potential buyers are looking for, is helpful.

Make sure you know who the builder’s competitors are. You will be able to use this information in your sales pitch and show that you have done your research.

Maintain a strong website

The internet has become a hub for everything these days, including buying and selling. An online presence will therefore help you reach a broader audience.

SMEs dominate the construction industry. For this reason, it’s reasonable to assume that your prospects will be short on time, so they need quick and easy access to information on products and services.

Make sure that your website provides prospects with all the information they need, as this enables them to move confidently through the buyer’s journey and make their final decision.

To motivate potential clients to visit your website, use online marketing content to keep your visitors up to date on business news, new products, promotions, and customer testimonials.

Visualisation is a major part of the building products industry, even for construction companies and contractors. Use your website, social media marketing and digital marketing to show the final products created with your products and services. This will help you build your reputation and increase your brand visibility.

Offer resources via your website and digital marketing

No matter what industry you operate in, prospective customers are eager for industry-specific advice and information.

Before approaching a company, people increasingly seek advice, recommendations, and how-tos online from industry experts.

The insight and practical knowledge you have as a supplier in the construction industry is exactly what prospects are seeking.

Developing your authority in the construction industry begins with writing content that’s informative and helpful. The more engaging content you post, the better your online visibility and website authority.

Having established your company as an industry leader, people will trust your business, and come to you for guidance.

Market via email

Almost nine out of ten marketers (87%) use email marketing to distribute organic content regularly – and for good reason.

Marketing via email is an effective way to generate leads at a low cost, and it can be a powerful tool for generating new customers, nurturing existing customers, and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Emails can be used by suppliers to advertise promotions in order to improve conversion rates. With the ability to communicate directly with their customer base by email, suppliers can receive feedback and ensure their products and services meet customers’ needs.

Using a targeted email list, you can use the data available to develop quality content that appeals to contractors and construction companies in different niches. You may even be able to send targeted emails to specific prospects based on data such as location, business size and so on.

The best results occur when your content is well researched and engaging, sent on a regular schedule and offering value every time.

Email marketing platforms provide useful tools for tracking engagement, which allow you to assess how well your marketing campaigns are working and if your customers are engaging with them.

More Than Words’ list of construction companies

We have a list of 50,000 construction companies that you can contact via email, telephone, or postal mail

Construction business listings are organised into 54 categories covering the entire construction sector.

Whether you are looking for a leading construction company, an individual contractor or small business, we are sure to find your target audience.

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