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4 Steps to Effective Performance Management

Effective performance management is not just about dealing with the poor performers. It is a process that involves more than hiring the right people. It has to do with setting employee expectations, coaching employees to effectively deliver a high-quality product on time. More than people would think, sometimes it comes to terminating poor performers.

Hire the right people

If you get the best talent in the first place, you will spend less time coaching their performance. The initial steps include recruiting efforts. These continue through the screening and in-person interviewing stages. Even after a hire, during the introductory period of employment, you should be diligent in determining whether or not you made a good hiring decision.

Set expectations

Employees should go through a thorough orientation. The orientation helps familiarize the individual with your organization. They will also get to know their roles as well as the overall company culture. This stage is important for motivating new employees and inspiring a positive attitude about the opportunity to work with you.

Performance coaching

The most basic mechanisms for performance coaching are progressive discipline procedures and periodic performance evaluations. In addition to annual or semi-annual performance evaluations, construction employers can use checklists or inspection reports to offer employees feedback on a daily basis. This feedback can have an immediate impact on identifying and improving performance issues.

Poor performers

Effective termination of employees eliminates poor performers and sends a message to the remaining employees. Although the most negative of the performance management tools, its effectiveness in unparalleled. The ultimate goal is to select high performing employees and to avoid disciplining poor performers. Achieving this will help the organization improve its overall performance.


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