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4 tips on how to resolve construction site conflicts

Construction site conflict is a familiar buzzword; site managers may get upset at changes to the building plans or deferrals caused by homeowners while they, in turn, may not be receiving what they requested for. So many prospective proprietors have their dream homes turn into construction site conflicts that there are whole TV channels dedicated to this theme. But there are some protections you can take to guarantee that your home build goes off without a glitch.

Select prudently
The realisation of your build is reliant on the efficiency of your contractor. When choosing contractors, ask friends and family members for references or search online for alternatives. Search business rating sites to read appraisals from preceding clienteles.

Ask your builder to show you some projects that they have previously done. Certify that they have familiarity with all the building techniques and any new materials you will be using in your home. For example, if you choose to use a super-insulating ICF wall system to save on your energy consumption and build a stronger home, hand-pick a contractor that has already trained for and installed an ICF wall system previously.
Know your stuff
Do your investigation and discern everything you need to in order to make educated decisions and to spot mistakes when you see them. Knowing what you want and how you want your home to function will be a huge asset to your builder and designer.
Make as many of the design decisions as you can prior to the start of your build. Work with your builder and designer to make plans as complete as possible. When designs are changed or builders have to wait for you to make choices, mix-ups and deferrals happen.
Get it in writing
Always get more than one approximate and ask for thorough quotes. You don’t want to accept a quote on labor alone only to learn that materials are exceedingly expensive. Make certain that the quotes cover the same things so that they are similar.
Establish timelines and accountabilities prior to the beginning of a project. That way everyone knows what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it. Make contracts and sign them; always get everything in writing.In case of any construction site conflict you can use the papers to ascertain what was said.
This includes alterations you make as the job headways. Confer the changes with your designer to guarantee that they obey with building codes. Discuss them with your contractor and if they approve to the changes, get a quote, get it in writing and have everyone sign off on the new building plans.
Remain calm
Should a construction site conflict arise, always remain calm. Take some time away from the site if you can’t meet with a resolution and tempers become frayed. Be rational and propose to find the middle ground; remember that it is in your best interests to resolve  construction site conflicts harmoniously as delays will only upsurge your costs.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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