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5 Benefits of Building Automation

Building automation systems (BAS) are the key to ensuring that commercial and industrial buildings operate smoothly and efficiently.

Improved Energy Management

Building automation gives you a way to control the heating and cooling. This helps in the management of energy inside your building. Heating and cooling and your lights use the most energy. Managing them will thus help cut costs. Set schedules also prevent the wastage of energy. In the long run, you end up saving 5–30% in energy bills.

Less Environmental Impact

Having the system connected to the plumbing helps reduce water usage. Less waste and better efficiency equates to a reduction of your environmental impact.

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Control Your Property from Anywhere

24/7 remote access to all of the systems in your building allows remote control of systems from any internet-enabled device. This is a wonderful benefit in cases where employees work off hours. You can simply sign in and adjust your system settings to allow that employee (or employees) to do their job safely and comfortably.

Better Security

Access to the CCTV makes it easier to monitor everything within your building even without being there physically. Should something go wrong, you will receive an immediate alert. This is also sent to the next person in command if you don’t address it within a specific timeframe.

Less Stress

The knowledge of being aware of what is going on as well as assurance of getting alerts should something go wrong is enough to lower your tension levels. One is also able to detect maintenance issues well before they cause a problem and have it fixed. This helps save you money that would have otherwise be needed to solve the problem.

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  1. It’s great to know that one of the significant benefits of building automation is that it could reduce water usage through its connection to the plumbing, lessening the building’s environmental impact. My husband and I are thinking of constructing an apartment complex in the middle of downtown. If we proceed with this plan, I’ll definitely bring up installing building automatic controls with our chosen contractor. Thanks!

  2. That is really nice that building automation could help me to control the building’s heating and cooling. It would be nice to have some building automation even in just my house. That is something that I am sure that a business owner would want to have for their building to make sure things run smoothly.


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