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A construction site is a busy, chaotic place. There are often dozens of trucks, generators, compressors and pieces of machinery required to get the job done the right way and on time. In general, most equipment will need more fuel every three to four hours.

Fuel is one of the highest recurring costs on any job site. There is nothing you can really do to curb this; it is a fact of life that in order to run your construction site, you need diesel fuel. Just like with your own vehicle, you are at the mercy of the diesel fuel prices of the moment. Those fluctuating prices and inability to predict the markets can be a major source of stress for foremen and construction company owners.

However, there are some tips you can use to better understand, assess and effectively manage your fuel costs.

Have a refueling plan

If you do not have a re-fueling plan in place for your construction equipment, chances are you will run into setbacks at some point that prevent projects from being completed on time. But having a working strategy in place will ensure the continuity of equipment-based operations.

Determine your unique site needs

Do you need on-site fueling for individual pieces of equipment, or would a delivered fuel tank and pumps (along with special protection shields that guard against theft and damage). Depending on the choice you go with, you can enjoy a more flexible fueling structure.

Create a contract with a trusted on-site fuel delivery provider

Not only can you cut down on wasted down time, you can also enjoy 24/7 flexibility from a provider that delivers day or night, or even on weekends. The best part is, the fueling tanks can service more than one truck or piece of machinery at once. This is important because sometimes your construction site contains both standard gasoline and off-road diesel in the case of heavy equipment.

Build a Relationship with your fuel provider

It is important to build a solid relationship with the fuel delivery that provides you with exactly what your business needs. Many companies perform their construction work after hours, so having access to an oil and gas professional at any time of the day is imperative to your output.

Monitor and track fuel use to predict future requirements

Keep an eye out for daily patterns. Some providers will use state of the art technologies like Remote Tank Monitoring Systems that utilize automatic tank gauges (ATGs) to let you know when you are approaching low levels of fuel. You may also get daily or weekly reports that can help you keep track of your accounting practices and data management methods.


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  1. You make a good point that it would save time if a construction site used a fuel delivery service since it can service multiple trucks at once to get every back to work. This would help the construction process proceed smoothly and quickly as workers wouldn’t have to leave the site. It would be best to have a contract with the service to ensure the company gets the best deal and then they can contact the service whenever they need fuel.

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