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If you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a product or business related to the construction industry, then you’re likely looking to kick off a startup!

As you may already know, the global startup culture has been thriving over the past few years, and that’s great news if you’re looking to build a construction business from scratch. In many countries around the world we see constant strong and stable economic growth that makes these countries a key launchpad for startups. 

Though, getting started with a construction business is a whole lot easier said than done, and with that in mind, we do have a few essential tips for you in our article below. We all know success in business takes perseverance, discipline and a healthily optimistic outlook, and if you’ve got these things, paired with our tips — you’re on the right track!

All that said, here are our five tips for a construction business startups. Take a look below. 


1. Undergo a Thorough Business Analysis

Off the top, the first thing you’re going to want to do is analyse your business and understand whether you’re looking at success or failure in the future. 

Of course, no one will start a construction business if they’re predicting failure down the line, however, without the correct analysis it can be quite hard to tell. That in mind, we suggest taking a deep dive into the sector you’re looking to start a business in and go from there. 

Look into how well other businesses are doing in this arena, whether there is a large customer base and, of course, if there’s projected demand for the product or service you’re going to bring to the table. 

Another thing to keep in mind are your competitors and determining who they are. If you have a tonne of big fish competitors, you might be out of luck. 


2. Apply for Tax, Registration and Insurance

If you’ve determined that there’s a pretty good environment for your startup to thrive in, then you’re on to setting up your tax, registering your business and applying for the relevant insurance. 

Most businesses are required by law to obtain public liability insurance and third party personal injury insurance — so keep this in mind too. 

Another step you’ll want to complete is setting up your business taxation — if you’ve not yet done so. This will keep you in the all clear when it comes to government regulation and reporting earnings and so on. 

From here, registering your business on the appropriate Government business registrar is a second big tip from us. You will want to ensure you’ve registered your trading name and also make sure no one else has it! 

Lastly, business insurance is imperative. Investing in insurance and getting assistance from lawyers such as LegalVision NZ Contract Lawyers will make sure you are wholly covered should there be issues with public liability, third party perusal injuries and so forth. 


3. Draft Up a Business Plan

One of the more obvious tips on our list is to have a solid plan ready. 

You’ll agree when we say nothing gets done without a plan, and so your business plan should certainly take centre stage in your startup’s launch. 

Work on writing down your goals and how you’re going to achieve those goals as clearly as possible. This is the document you’ll be looking back on from time to time when things get a little tough, or you’re not sure where to turn. 


4. Undertake Some Marketing Research

As we’re sure you already know, a Construction Business startup is nothing without its customers. 

That in mind, customer research and marketing should fall firmly on your startup launch checklist. You want to understand who your customers are, find some information on their demographics, where they can be reached and what types of products they’re most interested in purchasing from you. 

With this data on hand, you’ll be better able to advertise and develop campaigns that provide a good ROI rather than just throwing your money away. 


5. Seek Investment Funds or Fund On Your Own

Our final tip here is to seek out funding from banks and lenders if you require the initial capital for your business plan to succeed. 

Keep in mind that some form of business insurance is typically required by lenders before they give out startup loans, so keep our second tip in mind. You’ll want to show your potential lenders that you are protected should anything go wrong — making their investment in your business a little more secure. 


A few types of loans or capital raising activities you can consider includes: 

  • Obtaining a Bank Loan 
  • Utilising Venture Capitalists
  • Drawing on Personal Savings
  • Borrowing Money from Friends or Family 
  • Government Funding or Schemes


Again, both insurance and your business plan are imperative to making your capital raising activities operate a lot more smoothly so be sure to have these two tasks done prior to seeking out capital. 

To end, it’s always good to note that there are a tonne of avenues for construction industry startups to raise capital and if one of the above doesn’t work out for you, continue working your way down the list. Keep on it, persevere and you’ll be on your way to success in your Australian startup.