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5 type of builders to avoid in construction

Aside from a harmonious working relationship with your builder, the one thing that you would want to make sure is the assurance of a good output of the development. As a contractor, that is the number one concern when it comes to commencing a project. Below are 5 type of builders to avoid in construction

Builder  #1: Keeps churning out excuses

A builder that never runs out of excuses. He is the builder that even you have a set schedule, he keeps on insisting to postpone their work because of so many reasons. A worker says that he is working on it but no good result at the end. Or when the promised day arrives, they are still finding a way to pay you.

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You do not deserve a builder like that. You deserve someone who can follow your set time frame in the construction contract. And actually can outright say that they will and do pay you. So, it is better to not fall to their false assurances and do not hesitate to enforce your rights if they are starting to become dodgy.

Builder  #2: Keeps delaying the payment

This is similar with the builder who keeps on giving you excuses. but this time they might outright do not talk to you and let the time pass without any progress in paying you for your work in their construction project. These are the ones who suddenly become hard to contact. They also might have the tendency to run off with your money without any say if they are still going to pay you.

In case you have met a builder as similar as this, make them pay for the inconvenience that they had and would have caused you. Do not let them take your hard work for granted. You deserve to get the money that you worked hard for.

Builder  #3: Usually informs you of variations late

These are the kinds of builder that suddenly ask you to add or remove something from your ongoing or pending tasks. This usually happens when you are doing your best to execute your work while religiously following your contract.

It can be make you lose your cool. But you have to be compensated right for extra or less work. Changes or contract variations are perfect fine as long as you are immediately informed of it. Plus, you get to be paid for it. If they are not willing to shoulder the additional costs for it and it is said on a late notice, then you must file a payment dispute as soon as possible.

Builder  #4: Suddenly back charges you

This is the type of builder that you might hate if this situation happens to you. For example, this dodgy builder might suddenly back charge you for a certain building defect but it is not your fault. And even though you might not be even the one who is supposed to be responsible for it.

In these situations, while you should take responsibility for your mistakes, you must first do assess. Think whether you are actually the one who should compensate for the defect or not. There might be other contractors who should take the blame for the defective work and not you. Or do not let yourself become your builder’s scapegoat when disputes arise, while he runs away with your money.

Builder #5: Ripping you off

This is the type of builder that just rips you off and runs away. This can be the situation where they suddenly go bankrupt. Or any other reason that they cannot pay you anymore. It can be heartbreaking, but there are still ways to retrieve your money.

Your builder might become indebted to you. Consequently, you will may try to get your money through debt recovery. It can be stressful, but rest assured that the law is on your side as contractor. But to be sure, double check your builder’s financial status. 

If you ever met one of these builders, do not hesitate to call a construction lawyer. They can help you get your hard earned money from these dodgy builders.

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John Dela Cruz is the Principal Lawyer of Contracts Specialist. As a construction lawyer based in Sydney, he gives legal assistance to both builders and contractors on making their Payment Claims and Payment Schedules.


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