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Common Mistakes Construction Managers Make on Quotes

Quotation is one of the crucial part of any construction project foundation and if a mess is done such as Inaccurate quotes cause therefore that will result to headaches for you and for your clients.

Therefore when doing a quote there is a need to be accurate and quote all the essential services that you will provide.

At any moment your past experience may help you to avoid common mistakes though it’s so importance to remember that no two jobs are the same. This means you must create custom estimates for each new client.Here are some tips to help you streamline and develop your process.

Incomplete Plans
Try to get a complete set of plans before you give a quote. Design details and changes on the job are the leading cause of mistakes and going over budget. Knowing what you are doing will enable you to estimate more accurately, plan more precisely and complete the job in the set time so you can move on to the next client.

Mistakes often come out of the contractor’s pocket, and the client’s rely on you to quote accurately and may be reticent to move beyond your discussed budget. Always get, in writing, agreements to pay for changes or additions tothe original plans.

Consult your trades to ensure that all the details that they need to quote accurately are also included in the plans.

Subcontractor Costs
You can’t tell a sub-contractor how much to charge for a job after the fact. Instead, get a really accurate estimate from them after they have seen the plans. Ensure that they provide a clear, written estimate and always be open to more than one quote.

Ask your contractors what they need to get the job done so you can adequately prepare the jobsite before they come. There is nothing more frustrating for them than arriving on a jobsite to find that it’s not prepared and they have to wait. This wastes time and money.

You can also prepare the site by protecting windows, bathtubs and floors to prevent damage by other trades that will most likely come out of your pocket.

Common Mistakes Construction Managers Make on Quotes


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