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For the last few decades, the primary path to a career has been advertised as a four-year degree at a college or university. Unfortunately, with the cost of tuition, room and board, and other expenses associated with higher education, the student debt crisis has ballooned into an incredible challenge for millions of Americans with college debt.

An alternative career that often does not require a four-year degree from a traditional college is the construction industry. As the older generations get closer to retirement, the construction industry is facing a huge worker shortage problem over the next few years. If you are someone who likes to work with their hands, then perhaps becoming a contractor in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is the best career path to pursue.

Becoming a contractor in construction usually requires a smaller time commitment and a smaller investment of financial resources. Whether you choose to become an apprentice or attend a trade school, both options are far cheaper than traditional colleges. But what kinds of roles can you pursue in the construction industry? Let’s talk about some of the many types of contractors out there.



All buildings require electricity for their various systems to run. Everything from the lights to the HVAC systems to the security cameras requires power to turn on and off, and understanding the complexities of electrical systems is a valuable skill. Learning the ins and outs of how the wiring, circuit breaker, voltage, amperes, outlets, switches, and electrical machines work will provide you with plenty of work opportunities in both residential and commercial spaces. Trade school for an electrician apprentice can take anywhere from a few months to two years.

Masonry Worker

Masonry work involves three primary materials: bricks, blocks, and stone. These materials are some of the most common in building structures and are very reliable, so becoming a masonry worker will qualify you for many construction projects. An apprenticeship to become a masonry worker can take up to three years, which combines many hours of class work with practical on-the-job experience with a journeyman as a mentor.

Solar Installer

The Department of Energy has stated that solar panel installation is one of the types of contractors roles most likely to grow in the future. That makes it a very promising career to pursue when you are trying to find your professional path. Although the apprenticeship program will take a little bit longer when you specialize in solar installation to become a journeyman, you can still earn while you learn and eventually make a great salary. Solar panels use the renewable resource of sunlight, so there is no reason to doubt the potential of this industry going forward, especially with the number of large solar farms around the country.


Wood is still one of the most popular building materials, especially for residential homes. Becoming a carpenter means specializing in measuring, cutting, shaping, and building with lumber. If you become a carpenter in West Chester, PA, then you will find plenty of job opportunities, for example, if you look up “deck builder near me,” you could find a job with a firm that builds decks for homeowners in the area. You could also work as an independent contractor with your own business if you like.


Perhaps you want to specialize in repairing, inspecting, and installing roofs in West Chester. You can become a roofing contractor and make a decent salary just doing that. You will need to acquire a license in the state of Pennsylvania to practice this career, but once you have completed the process, you can take on both residential and commercial jobs. If you do not want to work as an independent contractor, then you can always work under a general contractor so that they can plan and manage all projects.


When homeowners or commercial property owners encounter plumbing issues, they rely heavily on experienced professionals to handle repairs and replacements. As a plumber, you will be the solution that many property owners need when dealing with piping, water appliances, water supply, and other related issues. An experienced plumber can earn upwards of $55,000 each year, so it can be a reliable career path.

Put Your Practical Skills to the Test With a Career as a Contractor

Trades are an important piece of the economy. With the student debt crisis growing, more and more young people are seeking out alternatives that are less likely to saddle them with immense debt and can lead to career opportunities sooner. Becoming a construction industry contractor could be the solution you are looking for. Even if you have another career, you could make the switch with the right attitude and educational path. Once you receive your license, you can start working on various projects in the West Chester, PA, area.