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Construction related accidents in Africa- Where Do the Risks Lie?

Construction related accidents in Africa- Where Do the Risks Lie?

With experience a boom in its construction industry, it still remains a potentially dangerous industry to be a part of. Construction related accidents in Africa range from major to minor injuries.
In a recent report released by Deloitte we have a look at where the risks lie and probable solutions that should be made.

Fatal Injuries
According to Deloitte most of the fatal accidents can’t be hidden and there were safety precautions that have already been taken by employees only to fall .
Most of the employees no doubt have taken all the precautions and recently the numbers of the fatal accidents are on the decline.

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In 2014/15, there were less fatal injuries to workers within the construction industry. However, 26% of all fatal injuries were in construction, which is the greatest percentage across all of the industry sectors included. This therefore shows that there is still a fair amount of work to be done to reduce the number of fatal accidents further and bring this percentage down.

The main causes of fatalities within the construction sector were as follows;
– in the year 2014/15 Falls accounted for 59% of all fatalities
– In the same period of time being struck by a falling or moving object accounted for 3% of all fatalities
– There was also a major collapse or overturn was the cause of 5% of construction fatalities
– Being hit by a moving vehicle made up 10% of all fatal accidents
– Electricity was the cause of 5% of fatalities

Major Injuries
There have been major injuries across Africa and in the early 2000 the case were on the rise until various governmental and responsible authorities had to ensure that they take actions until it declines.
The report quotes the figures as being in the lower side in the current years compared to the past years which highlights the continued fall in these cases over recent years.
The most common causes of major injuries to construction workers were;
– In the same year also Falls accounted for 28% of all major injuries
– The trend of Slips, trips and falls on the level also made up 28% of this type of injury
– Being struck by moving or falling objects was the cause of 15% of major injuries
– Handling was accountable for 8% of major injuries

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