Equipmentshare and what it means for you as a contractor in the USA

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The sharing economy has now entered the construction industry space. Its similar to uber for cars and AirBNB for rentals. Equipmentshare is a national construction company that provides construction solutions. The solutions include renting equipment, smart technology, and a service center for construction equipment.

Equipmentshare  was founded back in 2015 with 3600 employees. It currently has 140 locations in the United States in addition to one equipment partner from New Zealand, and thousands of customers.

The headquarters of Equipmentshare is located at Bull Run Drive, Columbia, Missouri, United States. Jabbok Schlacks is the company’s president and chief executive officer.

How Equipmentshare  works

Equipmentshare helps contractors in construction activities. The company equips and empowers contractors and other building professionals in the United States. This is done by offering digital solutions for gathering information and analyzing contractors’ behavior. Moreover, the company provides construction professionals with digital and electronic ways of keeping records and monitoring fleet data for fleet managers.

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Furthermore, it rents equipment to contractors. The company provides an online platform for contractors to borrow and rent construction equipment from one contractor to another. Additionally, it offers a straightforward method of managing the equipment and using the equipment to make money among the contractors.

Benefits of Equipmentshare

By providing digital solutions in data keeping and analyzing, the contractors save a lot of time and resources to do the data management manually. Since the company allows the contractors to borrow and rent construction equipment among themselves, this reduces the cost, which could be more when they rent the equipment through rental companies. Moreover, this makes the overall cost of construction go down by more than 30%.

The company also installs a GPS tracking device on the rented equipment. This reportedly allows the contractors to track their equipment easily and have the details of the person using the equipment.

Equipmentshare competitors

Equipmentshare faces competition from other companies which provide similar services to contractors. These companies include Getable, Yard Club, Gearflow, Klarx, and Burly.

However, Equipmentshare has the best solutions for contractors and all other construction professionals for efficiency.