Even small firms can create an Intelligent Jobsites

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In today’s ever changing world, technology has taken centre stage in nearly everything. Construction industry is no exception.Today technology has essentially moved  from office desktop to now Cloud-based software and mobile apps. This have completely revolutionized construction intelligent Jobsites.

Creating an Intelligent jobsite easy communication and collaboration while in the field.

Most of the contractors can easily access their contracts, invoices, orders and more while in the field is as easy as a few finger taps on a smartphone screen.

The key to creating an intelligent jobsite is selecting the tools and technologies that will save time and energy. Here is a breakdown of some of the key elements of an intelligent jobsite.

Implement Cloud-Based Software

As a contractor/ Manager ensure that you invest in cloud -based software as the cloud is useful to anyone and any industry (backing up photos, storing paperwork, syncing music across devices), it is especially useful to small construction companies.

For contractors, suppliers, equipment lessors and anyone else who goes back and forth from the office to the jobsite, the ability to store documents and data in the cloud is huge. There’s no need to worry about misplacing an important paper because everything is securely archived.

Implementing cloud-based software means different things to different companies. It could be as simple as creating a DropBox .

Make the Most of Mobile Devices

These days, almost everyone has a smartphone. This means almost everyone has the Internet at their fingertips whenever they want it, wherever they want it. It also means that it’s possible to access millions of apps from a smartphone, tablet or laptop from the jobsite, and hundreds of these apps are directly geared toward construction companies.

The ability to access these apps from a smartphone on the jobsite rather than exclusively from a computer in the office empowers construction professionals to manage time more efficiently, especially those that own or work for small companies. Most apps also seamlessly sync using cloud data, so when doing work from the office, everything is up to date.
Tools of the Future

Having great apps is just one piece of the puzzle. Another key element of an intelligent jobsite is having devices to access apps and information stored in the cloud. Fortunately, there are quite a few handheld and mobile devices specifically designed to withstand the typical wear and tear that occurs on a construction site.