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Are you starting a new project in construction? With the high cost of investing in materials, labor, and equipment, you need to minimize instances that may lead to delays and cost overruns. That’s where construction consultancy services, like those provided by Mitchell McDermott construction consultants, come in. Most property owners are now seeking external professionals to provide expert guidance and assist in quality assurance.

So, what are the benefits of construction consultancy? Join us as we discuss the advantages as well as share real examples of success stories.

Saves Cost and Time

Every developer looks ahead to finishing the project on time and saving costs. Projects are prone to unplanned changes and extra finances considering the modern unstable market. Materials are expensive, with some having a shortage on the market.

Therefore, construction consultancy services will ease the burden of finding the materials and addressing shortages. These services will assist in abiding construction major delays. An example of a significant project undertaken worldwide through construction consultancy services is the Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

The project was set for five years, and despite the complexity, it finished on time. The construction involved the architectural and engineering services performed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill of Chicago. The main contractor was Samsung C&T, who engaged with a local company and a Belgian group.

The construction above was extreme and required a team of experts to ensure the project’s timely completion. Since there was excellent coordination, the project is complete and is an iconic worldwide tower.

Get Quality Assurance

Project owners are looking for quality workmanship because disputes and delays often arise, especially for major projects where construction parties work together. The disputes may lead to a cost of time and delays.

As a client, ensure you have a qualified team, including an architect and contractor who have previously handled a similar project. Besides producing quality work, you can be sure the project will run smoothly.

The above team must work together and carry out checks after every stage of the construction to ensure good standards and uniformity.  For example, in constructing the Cayan Tower in Dubai,  M/s. Khatib & Alami were part of the quality assurance team.

The building is one of the iconic best skyscrapers in the world and a tourist destination. It has 73 floors, which overlooks the city, letting you enjoy the views from your room.

Assists You Gain Industry Knowledge

As a project owner, your goal is to see the project complete. However, you can acquire some knowledge about construction when you hire a construction consultant. The consultant must have many years of experience on similar projects to increase the chances of success.

For example, the famous Channel Tunnel (1988-1994) that links England to France brought together various international construction consultancies. The project was never easy, as it encountered major challenges like cost overruns, funding issues, and technical challenges.

The large scope of the project and the lack of good coordination among the parties led to disputes. The disputes were resolved through renegotiations among the contractors, sourcing for more funds, and financial restructuring of the project.

Always Keeps You Updated With the Current Building Technologies

The construction industry is ever-evolving, thanks to modern technology. Many regulations come up, and failure to meet them will lead to major issues while constructing. Getting the services of a construction consultant who is updated with the current changes in the industry will save you a lot.

The knowledgeable consultant can tell the type of technology that can make your construction last. They may still advise against using certain elements during construction and offer reasons to object.

Some emerging technology trends that construction consultancy services can help you understand include Virtual and augmented reality for visualization. The construction has an $8 trillion forecast by 2030 globally, where AR and VR will be significant in the successful implementation of many projects.

So far, the success of AR and VR has enhanced safety and good communication among AEC personnel.

Another technology that changes often is the 3D Laser Scanner. The technology scans and analyzes real-world projects. The technology has been used in surveying, general project inspection, and mapping. Using a consultant, you’ll be able to get information on the latest trends that will save you costs during your project.


Hiring the services of a construction consultant comes with many advantages. It saves time and costs and ensures you adhere to the current regulations. It also helps you relax knowing your project is on course. Again, the consultant checks the completed tasks, taking them through a thorough assessment.

Hire a construction consultant who will take your projects to the next level and deliver success in every step.