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So your company is growing thanks to the booming construction industry and you are on a hiring mode looking for new staff. You know it is not a science and many a time you have been left with regrets or doubts over your past hires. How can you achieve greater success at it? Is there a magic formula? Do you look for someone whom you like or someone who has the qualifications? All these things matter but there are other more critical aspects that need to be checked off as well.

Qualifications are essential and should determine the basis of your short listing but in addition to that you need to hire someone who is disciplined. Remember that last hire? He was sloppy and didn’t get his work done on time? Don’t make the same mistake twice. Is the candidate on time for the interview or was he late? Is he shabbily dressed or has he made an effort at being smart?

Is the candidate ambitious or just wants a paycheck. Ambition is good because he will push to achieve goals and will probably be self-motivated not prone to laziness and being frustrated. Along with ambition is passion. Is the candidate excited as he talks of his last job, does he sit up or slouch and talk in a monotone likely to put you to sleep.

Many candidates can impress by being smooth talkers but they may be less than honest. If you uncover any anomalies in their interview don’t make excuses for them. Honesty is key otherwise the road ahead could become unclear for you as the employee may be prone to cover up mistakes and lie to get by. Look out for those who are trying to fake it to make it.

Lastly look critically at the person and ask yourself if the person will be a good cultural fit or not. Some people just don’t fit and end up being the square peg in a round hole disrupting the team spirit and being unconnected to the rest of the staff.

The hiring process is not something anyone looks forward to but it can be made more productive because a wrong hire means months or even years of so wasted resources and even impeded growth in your firm so you can’t afford to get it wrong.