How mobile field reporting technology is solving problems at construction sites

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The construction is undergoing a lot of transformation thanks to the adoption of digital technologies including Mobile field reporting. Among the many ways that companies are using technology is coming up with innovative ways to beat competition from within and outside the industry.

Industry players are always embracing practices that make the site more accessible, improve productivity, and increase profits. Having the right digital tools is very important although many project managers still rely on old-age tools like email, WhatsApp, and messenger. These tools have increasingly become obsolete with the industry moving towards more specific tools.

Project managers are investing more in tools that are built specifically for the construction industry. In addition, there is a need to depend on one source of truth to avoid having fragmented pieces of information.

Common problems encountered at construction sites

There is still a long way to go before the construction site can be fully digitized. A lot of strides have been made, however. The following are major pitfalls that construction projects encounter.

Poor Communication

Many construction projects suffer lack of collaboration between the various departments and stakeholders. Project managers should be able to connect in real-time with the various players in the project.

Limited access to information always leads to broken communication. This hurt the project financially and also falls behind schedule.

Poor resource management

The lack of proper communication and field visibility may affect the way a construction company manages its resources. Contractors can use construction industry reporting tools to overcome challenges faced on site.

Managers should be able to seamlessly monitor and coordinate operations between the office and the site.

Time-consuming claims

In any construction project, maintaining proper documentation is key. A lot of time is however spent on claim reporting which keeps the project and site manager engaged up at the expense of more important work.

The backlog in claims is mainly caused by lack of coordination between the office and the site, a lot of information that keeps admins overloaded, and lack of standardization.

Data waste

Up to 95% of the data generated in the construction industry goes to waste. If well utilized, this data is a source of knowledge for the development of the sector. This means that the industry is losing many opportunities to improve. The construction is therefore going through a vicious cycle of problems.

The use of construction analytics for instance helps managers save time and deliver effortlessly when designing and implementing

High Admin workload

Project managers spend much of their time jumping from one meeting to another, writing reports, and chasing updates on the site. This way, many get a lot of details and miss the whole picture. The divided attention may affect the progress of the project.

How to effectively apply field reporting in your construction company

It is evident that mobile field reporting is one of the key tools that construction companies can use to gain a competitive advantage. This however depends on the use of the right tool. Below are key factors to consider when selecting a mobile field reporting tool.

Rely on a single source of truth

There are several benefits that come with relying on a single source of information when working on a project. It helps reduce admin workload as it consolidates all aspects of communication. In addition, having a single source of information means you have a single source of proof and verification.

Link site updates to your planning

Connecting all field updates to your original plan is one of the smartest ways to push the success of your project. This means updates from the field get reactions from those concerned within the shortest time possible. Linking site updates to the original plan is a better way to boost coordination and improve decision making.