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These renovation tips for a small apartment offer you the opportunity to create the space of our dreams or add value for your investment. For small apartments, limited space always comes up when thinking of renovation ideas. However, lack of space should never be a hindrance to what you want to achieve, let it inspire you to be creative in making use of the available space. With innovative thinking and crafty ideas, you will be a step further in creating a cozy and stylish apartment. If you however need some tips, here are some ideas for your inspiration.


Let in the light

Getting enough light in a small apartment is always a challenge, but you can play around with classy ideas and come up with ways to maximize the amount of light.

  1. Consider knocking down a wall that faces an attractive view and install a floor to ceiling window. Large windows create a luxury feel to the home as well as illuminate the place with extra natural light. A plus, you get to usher in the outside while sitting on the couch by just opening the curtains.
  2. Still on adding windows, install a window on the ceiling to let in more light. Sunroofs will allow you to stargaze from the comfort of your home.
  3. When it comes to the paint, the color really matters when it comes to lighting up a space. You don’t want to go for darker colors that won’t reflect natural light. Besides, they also make the room appear smaller. Go for white or pastel for the walls to reflect natural light and allow the room to appear bigger and brighter.

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 Add on the storage

Another of my renovation tips for a small apartment covers the area of storage space which is also a challenge with small apartments due to the limited area available. If you are renovating to create a space of your dream, it will not feel cozy with clutter. If it is for resale, the storage area is one consideration that buyers will be keen about. You need to think of ways to maximize storage while leaving the apartment looking spacious.

  1. Consider adding floating shelves on the walls to store decorations and small items that make a room appear messy.
  2. Create wall-mount storage in the kitchen to hang your cookware and free up space in the cabinets for other things.
  3. Invest in kitchen cabinets to maximize on storage. Consider going for ready-to-assemble cabinets for a small kitchen as you can easily customize them to your desire or as the space permits. Ready-to-assemble cabinets for a small kitchen are affordable and durable. In addition, they are easy to assemble; you can do it yourself with little carpentry skills or call for a professional.


 Make the place appear bigger

One thing you would want to achieve with renovating a small apartment is to make space appear bigger and spacious. There are several ways that you can achieve this.

  1. Consider using the same floor tiles in the bathroom so that the shower blends seamlessly for the room to appear bigger.
  2. Lose the door for a transparent glass slab in the bathroom.
  3. Install pullout tray tables that you can slide out when you need it and tuck it back when not in use.
  4. Do the flooring diagonally such that you see the broadest part of the pattern as the first thing when you enter a room. It makes the room appear wider.
  5. Paint the walls in a stripped pattern to make the room appear longer.

 Loft it

Creating a loft is one of the most space-saving trends with small apartments, and it is now the in-thing in creating modern small apartments. The advantage of incorporating a loft in your renovation is that you get to save on space and earn an extra room while at it. If you have high ceilings and the permits allow you to have one, consider a loft above the living area to use as a storage area for your books. You can also consider adding it in the children’s bedroom to act as a place for guests or a place to store their toys.


These renovation tips for a small apartment can be challenging both financially and getting good ideas. However, with proper planning and budgeting, you can pull off the project with a breeze. Put your innovative mind in action to bring out your creative side with renovation ideas. If you are in a hurdle, the above ideas should give you a good place to start.


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