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Top 4 skills you need to have to be hired as a construction manager in Africa

The recruitment processes of all construction-related jobs are based around assessing your practical skills on the job. Your skills become even more important if you want to be hired as a construction manager in Africa. If you have a related construction degree, your technical knowledge will be scrutinized. However,  the focus will be on ‘life’ skills, regardless of your degree background.

Relying on computer skills is no longer helpful because almost every one is almost having computer skills.

Ensure that you have the following skills if you want to be hired as a construction manager in Africa:

Project management

The Project Management Institute recently released a forecast predicting that between 2015 and 2030, there will be over 2 million project-management positions created across Africa this gives an impression that there will be a booming in the managerial job position therefore having skills of managing projects will be an added advantage to the managers.

Social media savvy.
As a construction manger at your working place you have to keep tabs of the social media and keep an eye on what is going so that you can keep things moving.
In Africa most employees are looking into hiring with social media know-how because there are there are strategies involved in using a social network to promote, and employers are specifically seeking those with search engine optimization and search engine marketing skills.

Critical thinking and data analysis

As competition hits every market In Africa having a manger who is able to think critically and do analysis well has an added advantage.One of the most demand skills employers desire to find in candidates is the ability to assess and analyze information, then use that information to make prognoses, recommendations, and plan projects. But your approach to prove dexterity as a critical thinker is similar to how you’d discuss other “soft skills

Sales experience.
A few implied skills go along with mastering the art of the sell. Being articulate to relate the qualities of the product you’re selling. Practicing the patience required to wait on customers to determine that the product is something they’re interested in.

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