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When you employ people in your construction firm you obviously expect them to give results by the end of the day. That is no one would just like to employ someone to just do what he/she feels and pockets a cheque by the end of the day without a good work done.
Gone are the days when companies used to make money based on how  well known it was, we are in the era of productivity and there is competition from all corners.
Less productive inputs and lower efficiency levels are bound to affect the business and jeopardize its sustainability and survival, therefore as a manager here are some of the top factors that you must carry out to improve your employee productivity.

1. Accountability
As a manager you should make sure that all your employees are accountable for their decisions and actions and avoid at all cost the blame game in the organization.
This will help them work more meticulously knowing that by the end of the day he/she will be accountable for all what he was doing.

2. Adequate Follow up
As an employer its obviously you have your own targets that you’ve set up to see the company run smoothly and above all generate good income.
And for every target to be achieved no doubt proper follow up must be done and to see success every employee must remain on track all the time for proper lifetime project management.

3. Encourage, motivate, reward and recognize
As the employer or the manager you must ensure that your team is well motivated by not only giving them a good package but also words can move the world.
Make sure you encourage them in that this will help them move forward and do even better, and makes the worker feel happy. Innovative ways of motivating them spurs them even more
For example give them a surprise outing or take them to conferences paid for by the company have been found to motivate employees immensely, without these, they may soon start looking for greener pastures and new jobs. Also, you might think of giving personalized corporate awards, which is a wonderful way to appreciate and recognize their dedication and hard work.

4. Demand realistic targets
Personally as an employee you know the level of performance you need from your Employees therefore there is needed to set realistic goals that are within the limits of achievement.
This will avoid the outstretching activities that will derail their performance by almost 40 percent.

5. Tools and equipment to raise productivity
You need good performance then that means you must make sure the environment your employees work in is clean and they have the best machinery, devices and equipment that yield error free results in the minimum possible time. Efficient electronic equipment with no connectivity issues and breakdowns will help to save precious time.

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    but your article does not has 6 factors/it has 5 factors

  2. Certainly agreed! A clear vision amongst the Directors, Managers and the Team, when applied results are Greater, which is why at Aluglass Bautech our Ops Mantra has 4 key bullet points namely: Just do it right-on time-one time. Be Proactive. The right thing for the right reason and Participate with passion and pass on with pride!

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