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Top disruptive technology trends for construction industry in 2021

With every new year, comes new things and ideas. The booming construction industry in Africa has propelled the need to embrace technology to enhance the sector. 2015 witnessed the emergence of sophisticated technologies being used in the construction sector for instance, drones. Will these technology trends continues gaining traction?

There is every reason to believe that technology will continue shaping the construction industry. We compiled the following disruptive technology trends for construction industry that will likely shape the sector in 2016.

Wearable Smart Sensors
Construction firms are are now putting smart sensors in their workers’ boots, wristwatches, hard hats, and other safety gear such as rooftop harnesses. The wearable smart sensors can track the number of hours a worker has been on the job site. Although not universally accepted, this technology can boost output on a construction site.

Tool Tracking

Not only do misplaced power tools and hand tools cost construction companies millions each year, they can also become dangerous if left in the wrong place. Construction firms are now fitting machinery, hand tools, and power tools with barcodes. By scanning these barcodes with digital barcode readers at the beginning and end of each workday, construction companies are better able to track their equipment.


Monitoring a construction site has become an easy task with the invention of drones. Construction managers are increasingly deploying drones to monitor a construction site. All this is geared towards ensuring that there is no idling at a construction site. Additionally, drones can spot an accident or a problem on a construction site and address it.

Tablets and Wi-Fi
Construction managers and foremen are increasingly using tablets to reduce paperwork. With availability of Wi-Fi, managers can access the internet and process their work right from their tablets.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for instance Computer Aided Designs, and arithmetic oriented apps can help a great deal in the construction industry. Contractors and engineers now use the apps to come up with ideas and as well as calculate the cost of a construction project, monitoring suppliers etc.

From drones to sensors and every gadget in between, it’s plain to see why construction sites across the world are focusing on technology.

Top disruptive technology trends for construction industry in 2016


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