Ways to Improve Sustainability in Construction and Architecture

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The construction industry is always on the move, mainly due to its significant size. Many materials flow both in and out of a construction site, which in turn, generates a lot of waste. This makes it essential to ensure waste is kept to the minimum and aims to make the process more sustainable.

Sustainable construction aims to develop and operate procedures that put ecological and resource efficiency first. Sustainable construction focuses on the seven main principles of a building’s life cycle.

Undoubtedly, the construction sector contributes a lot of waste and carbon emissions, and below, we discuss the top ways they can improve sustainability and architecture in their endeavors.

How to Improve Construction Sustainability

Sustainable construction entails three main elements; social responsibility, environmental impact, and economic efficiency. These elements help organizations govern the structure’s design, architecture quality, and other processes.

Construction companies should try the following practices to incorporate sustainable construction practices;

1.    Use Low Impact Material

Developing items from scratch demands a lot of energy, and you are advised to use recycled, low-impact materials to lower the energy used in different manufacturing processes. Companies should utilize materials acquired from other building sites or natural elements to achieve this.

Also, companies are better placed working with modular building designs as it lowers waste material while lowering construction time. Also, they are more durable and can be recycled continually.

2.    Pay Attention to Space Efficiency

The best way to achieve design sustainability while maximizing space efficiency includes the following;

  • Develop organized floor solutions to enhance HVAC efficiency, lower overhead space, and make space beneath floor systems.
  • Create open spaces to maximize the natural light
  • Reduce surface areas by eliminating spaces like the porches and patio
  • Use industrial weighing scales in various tools to limit movement
  • Use folding beds to minimize the structure’s size.

3.    Use Renewable Sources of Energy

Another way to improve sustainability in architecture and construction is by using renewable energy sources. Construction companies should incorporate solar, hydro, and wind energy to reduce fuel footprints and save funds.

It is also possible to incorporate renewable energy into the building’s design by developing well-ventilated structures. Companies should aim to have more light, use smart windows that prevent harmful rays, and use smart windows instead.

4.    Reduce Construction Waste

Construction companies can make their operations more sustainable by reducing construction waste. Waste is a byproduct of a construction site, mainly derived from cardboard, glass, drywall, and insulation. It is advisable to identify items that cannot be reused or recycled and dispose of them correctly.

Waste is also obtained when companies fail to use raw materials because of their significant existence. It is advisable to weigh the raw materials correctly to manage waste sustainably. This is important as it ensures you order the right amount only.

5.    Try Inter-Company Sustainability

Companies witness improved construction sustainability by practicing inter-company sustainability. It will help to implement sustainable activities in your company and look for the right certifications to be on the safe side.

Managers should encourage recycling activities and train employees on various sustainable processes they can try within the facility. Also, it would help if you collaborated with other organizations to maximize your operations. You can check the areas RED OHMS Group provides HSEQ services to know more.

6.    Incorporate Cool Roofs

A new rooftop construction method entails using reflective or light-colored materials as they restrict any heat absorption. HVAC systems are accountable for over 400 million tonnes of toxic emissions yearly. Remember, architects can reduce the conditioner’s energy use by preventing overheating.

It will help install cool roofs because they deflect the sun, which keeps buildings cool. These roofs also prevent the surface from overheating because they reflect energy to the environment.

7.    Install a Rainwater Harvesting Unit

Another way companies can achieve sustainable construction is by installing a rainwater harvesting unit. This move is beneficial as it eliminates the resident’s dependence on city water sources.

This unit moves water directly to the filtration system, and residents can later use it for bathing, washing, or consumption.

Final Thoughts

The construction sector experiences a lot of waste, explaining why most companies are shifting to techniques that make their operations more sustainable. The above article has discussed how to make architecture and construction more sustainable, and you can reach out for more.