What Do Commercial Electricians Do?

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Being an electrician is not an easy task. Depending on the skills a person has, the type of electrician differs. One can choose various tasks under the same profession which entirely depends on their job area and skill set. Before you decide to become an electrician, it is necessary to know the difference between various departments under the same. Right from doing electrical works and wiring for a dam to carrying out large-scale government and industrial projects, a commercial electrician has the right registration and commercial license to carry out the electrical projects without any hassle.

Who Is A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is an electrician who is trained to focus on the electrical systems of a building that is used for commercial purposes rather than the residential buildings. These electricians work in environments which are either entirely heated up or stressful. The commercial electricians work in a large room full of wirings and electrical supplies.
The commercial building which hires commercial electricians includes shopping malls, high rise buildings, offices, restaurants, and government jobs. The primary task of the commercial electrician is to make installations, maintain the wirings, and get rid of inadequate circuits by repairing or replacing them. The electricians are trained to work in large spaces with complicated electrical circuits.

What Do Commercial Electricians Do?

Commercial electricians have duties that pertain to large-scale electrical work. The responsibilities include:

Installation of wire and electrical units.
Attaching covers for open wiring systems and circuits.
Maintenance of electrical systems
Inspection of the issues in the wiring
Checking whether the electrical systems are according to the codes
Diagnosing all the electrical problems in the area which needs to be worked on
Making plans for new installations and systems that require to be constructed
The construction of the electrical system
Making and reading technical drawings
Ensuring the guidelines issued by the state government or officials of the authorising committee.
Training people who work in a similar environment
Leading teams to work on a particular, large-scale job

What Are The Requisites Of A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician requires being eligible under specific criteria to be a successful electrician. These are:

The commercial electricians must have a high school diploma and graduation certificate from high school. They could have an apprentice certificate.
One must have the experience of an electrician and also the required tenure of commercial apprenticeship to work out the best for one’s project. An electrician should know how to install wires, lights, and power cables.
An electrician should be able to take up odd jobs and work on them quickly. This includes fixing heating systems, transformers, lighting sources, breaker panels for wires, etc.

What Is The Work Environment Of A Commercial Electrician?

The work environment of a commercial electrician falls under the category of indoor work as they need to make themselves useful in enclosed spaces of commercial buildings. Even though transportation requires a commercial electrician to work outside, mostly the work is in big rooms full of electrical wirings and networks. There are less chances of shock if the commercial electrician does the work in the most perfect manner.
However, even though the commercial buildings have large spaces to work in, the commercial electricians may be required to get into small spaces. This is because commercial buildings have much wiring in the same space. The right commercial electrician can give you the best possible ways to check the functioning of the electrical systems within a commercial building and also to enhance the security systems, overall wiring and multiple other things.


The job of a commercial electrician is no easy, but it is high-paying and quite impressive. Look into our article to come to understand the scope of the work of a commercial electrician.
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