Fab Is For Fabulous: 4 Reasons Prefab Luxury Homes on the Rise?

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So, you feel like you’ve made it and can finally splurge on a luxury home of your own – complete with a swimming pool, rich hardwood floors, a home theatre room, and everything else that you’ve always dreamed of.  As long as you have the money and picked out a great location – there’s nothing stopping you from having the home of your dreams. But before you get down to business, you might wonder: “What’s trending in luxury homes?”.

Well, I have some surprising news for you. Modular construction is currently on the rise in the luxury home market. Unlike the mobile homes of the past which were cheap and flimsy, today, the “fab” in prefab stands for fabulous. How did that happen? Read on to find out why high-end modular homes are definitely worth the investment.

Luxury Made Affordable

Did you know that Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are some of the most expensive cities to build in? And not only in Australia, but worldwide, mind you. Considering this, building a luxury home in the middle of a busy site like Melbourne will not only cost you a fortune – but and an arm and a leg on top of it too! This is why for those people who want to own a luxury home in these locations (or anywhere else, for that matter), it’s a lot smarter to have it built a modular homes as opposed to traditional construction as this helps to reduce the costs significantly.

But why is actually modular construction less expensive than going the traditional way? The reason modular construction is more affordable is the fact that it doesn’t involve the steps that increase the price of traditional construction: the transportation of materials and on-site work. Instead, prefab homes are entirely built in a factory, where all the materials and workforce are readily available without the need for transpiration. As a result, by hiring luxury builders Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane’s residents are able to get more for much less.

No Limit to Location

When it comes to working with luxury builders Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane’s residents aren’t the only ones that can experience problems. People who want their dream house to be built on an island, high up in the mountains or out there in the bush may find that most builders won’t agree with their demands. And this is completely understandable considering how traditional construction faces many challenges in remote areas. But even if you were to somehow find a company that agrees to build, it’s likely that they will demand a far bigger payment than building a luxury home in Sydney, for instance. So you’re probably likely to decline that offer.

But what good is a luxury home if it isn’t at a location where you’d love to wake up in every day? If you dream of living in a breathtaking location like Philip Island, Victoria, modular construction is the best way to make it a reality. Because modular homes are entirely built off-site, it means that they’re the most suitable for hard-to-access locations. There’s no need to ship materials, equipment, building machines and workforce to the site. A modular construction company can clear the building site, transport and install the modules – all in a single week. And thanks to the rigidity and strength of the steel frame construction most modules have, they can be safely transported to almost any location without damage with all their internal works like painting, tiling and joinery.

What’s more, if your desired location is near the ocean and you’re worried about structural damage from the humidity and salt in the air, don’t worry. Many modular home manufacturers sandblast and coat the steel frame in a non-corrosive paint which forms a protective barrier. You can also ask for additional upgrades that can improve your home’s resistance to coastal conditions, like for instance the use of specific flashings, nails and roofing materials. Even if your desired location is by the ocean, in the bush or a cyclone-prone area, a modular home can be built there and last for decades.

Energy-Efficient Living Spaces

Considering how they’re often enormous properties, the upkeep of luxury homes can be super expensive – think cleaning, garden work, pool maintenance (if there is one), and electricity as one of the biggest expenses of running a home. But the good news for modular house owners is that even once you build the home and move in, you can still experience some savings – especially when it comes to electricity and gas.

The unique structure of modular houses makes them a lot more energy-efficient than traditional houses. When the separate modules are brought together side-by-side during the installation process, the rooms end up having walls, ceilings and floors that are twice as thick. As a result, these homes experience fewer energy leakages and also have excellent sound insulation. Then there’s also the fact that modular houses often have thick four-season glass replacing many of the outside walls. This allows the space to be flooded with sunshine, reducing the use of artificial lighting. What’s more, modular houses are entirely customization, allowing you to integrate additional energy-saving upgrades such as solar panels, grey-water systems.

Bespoke Design

Most luxury modular homes have bespoke designs and are one of a kind. This is because modular construction has the ability to utilize a variety of building materials and has a flexible structure. The different modules can be built and combined in unlimited ways to create almost any desired shape or size. This allows modular construction companies to create unique designs that are centered around the client’s individual requirements. So, if you are passionate about design and have very specific ideas of how you want your luxury home to look like, modular construction can make it happen.

But even if you don’t have an exact picture of how you want your home to look, you can consider some ready-made projects and make tweaks according to your wishes and budget. Plus, the look you go for doesn’t have to be permanent. A great thing about modular homes is that they can easily be rearranged, expanded or updated in a variety of ways with only minimal disruption to the site.