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Steel structure workshop is a very popular factory building. Because the plant itself is light in weight, large in span, high in compressive strength, seismic grade, good in wind resistance, good in relocation performance, and fast in construction. It is currently the preferred building type for plant construction and is widely used in various processing industries such as petroleum, chemical, automobile, and electric power. It is a prefabricated building that is currently economical and safe.

The construction of the steel structure workshop is mainly divided into the following parts:

  1. Embedded parts (to stabilize the structure of the workshop)
  2. Columns generally use H-shaped steel or C-shaped steel (usually angle steel is used to connect two C-shaped steels)
  3. For beams, generally C-shaped steel and H-shaped steel are used (the height of the middle product is determined according to the span of the beam)
  4. Purlin: C-shaped steel and Z-shaped steel are generally used.
  5. Supports and braces are usually round steel.
  6. There are two types of watts.

The first is a monolithic tile (color steel tile).

The second type is composite board. (Polyurethane or rock wool is sandwiched between the two layers of color-coated boards to play the role of warming in winter and cooling in summer, and also has the effect of sound insulation and fire prevention).

Why choose our steel structure workshop building?

Steel structure workshop is one of the workshop building types that we generally choose at present because of its 6 major advantages! The reason is his unique advantages, which are as follows:

  1. Large span: under the same force, the steel structure workshop adopts a column-free structure to make a structure with a larger span.
  2. Short construction period: All parts are prefabricated in the factory and sent to the site for processing, which greatly saves construction time and construction costs.
  3. Rugged and durable: the seismic and impact resistance of the steel structure workshop is much better than that of conventional buildings, and the safety performance is high. The service life of HKUST is 50 years.
  4. Good ventilation performance: Install ventilation equipment on the roof to maintain indoor air circulation.
  5. Good lighting performance: A large number of lighting panels have been installed in the workshop to ensure good lighting in the workshop and save a lot of lighting costs.
  6. Good thermal insulation performance: the roof and walls adopt thermal insulation interlayer to ensure the stability of indoor temperature
  7. Good sound insulation performance: install a thermal insulation interlayer to effectively block the spread of noise in the workshop. Does not affect the rest and work around.