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135 MW Conway Solar project to be developed in Arkansas

Construction will soon commence on a 135 megawatt (DC) Conway Solar project in Arkansas. The facility will be built, owned and managed by Lightsource bp, and recently the company was able to successfully secure a $533 million multi-project financing package, which will be used in funding the construction.

The Conway Solar project is just a part of the multiple solar projects included in  Lightsource’s $533 million portfolio financing package. Through this solar project the company intends to create sufficient electricity for up to 21,400 homes, and will likewise assume a part in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions  in the city by about 162,800 tonnes per year, which is the equivalent of carbon emissions from 35,400 fuel burning cars each year.

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Conway Solar project to bring 200 construction jobs

The Conway Solar project, owned by Lightsource bp will be located near Happy in Arkansas and this new solar facility, on completion will generate clean energy, under a long-term power purchase agreement, which covers customers residing in the City of Conway. A Subsidiary of Orbital Energy Group, called Gibson Technical Services was contracted by Lightsource bp to serve as the  Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor for the solar plant. This project will provide up to 200 construction jobs, which will be available to mostly local workers. Construction is expected to begin by March 2022, with full operations scheduled to begin in mid 2023.

The Chief Executive Officer of Conway Corp, Bret Carroll stated that the main aim of the Conway Corp solar project is the provision of services which are safe, affordable, reliable, innovative and environmentally sound to customers. He said the project would have a lasting impact on the community and his team was looking forward to working with Lightsource bp, to get the construction process started and to eventually start delivering services to customers.

The CEO of the Americas, Lightsource bp Kevin Smith also spoke on the benefits of the Conway Corp solar project to the community. Smith said the company looks forward to introducing several economic benefits to the region, as well as fostering long-term community partnerships. He pointed out that large-scale solar projects are essential for strengthening local economies and also help in enhancing the health and energy security of communities across America.

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