2015 Powering East Africa event

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Powering East Africa is one of the series of the Powering Africa program under U.S. The latter seeks to increase power generation and supply in the continent.

The 2015 Powering East Africa conference, which took place from 25-27th this month at the Windsor Golf and Country Club, Nairobi, Kenya was a total success as it saw challenges of opening up East Africa’s power sector for investment being addressed and solutions being given.

The Nairobi event saw convergence of 100 senior level decision-makers and investors. The Powering East Africa 2015 event was designed to discuss how to break transmission deadlock and open up East Africa’s powering sector for more ventures.

A number of topics were discussed at the Powering East Africa 2015 event, among them the critical role transmission must play in East Africa’s industrialization, the role of power utilities, how best to overcome financing obstacles, and how the cost of regional borrowing can be lessened by unlocking the transmission deadlock.