2nd Annual Africa Hotel Expansion Summit 2015

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Africa is a continent with major untapped potential. Now, favourable demographics and economic growth are attracting new foreign investments and this presents many opportunities for hotel developers and operators. Consequently, numerous hotel chains have announced ambitious expansion plans for the coming years and every month new developments and projects are published. The past five years, the Sub-Saharan region saw a growth of over 84% in the number of hotel deals signed and at the beginning of 2014, over 40, 000 rooms were in the development pipeline. Noppen`s Africa Hotel Expansion Summit will gather Developers, Investors, Regulators, Construction Companies, Architects, Solution Providers, Financial Institutes and Associations in a focused two-day program designed to enhance business. Panel discussions and presentations elaborated on future investment strategies and funding, operations efficiency and updated technologies required for guaranteeing customer satisfaction and success.