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30 MW solar power plant project to be put up in Garoua, Cameroon

EB Solaire, the Cameroonian partner of the Italian company Enerray, the developer of the proposed 30 MW solar power plant project in Garoua or Garua, a port city and the capital of the North Region of Cameroon, is set to benefit from an agreement signed with the Investment Promotion Agency (API).

In particular, the agreement in question allows EB Solaire to benefit from the advantages provided for by the 2013 law that was revised in 2017, encouraging private investment in the Central African country.

Overview of the proposed 30 MW solar power plant project in Garoua

Announced by Enerray back in 2017, the project involves the construction of a field of photovoltaic panels on a site of approximately 70 hectares that is located close to Garoua International Airport.

According to Enerray, initial permissions for the project have been completed, and the Cameroon authorities have approved the 70-hectare site identified by the company for the PV array.

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The agreement signed with the API on July 13, 2021, could therefore accelerate the effective start of the construction of the power plant.

Expectations for the power plant

Upon completion, the power plant is expected to increase power generation capacity in the northern part of the country, which is prone to power cuts due to the continued drop in water levels at the Lagdo dam, the main energy infrastructure that serves the regions of the North, Adamaoua and the Far North.

This project, in addition, should make it possible not only to take advantage of the levels of sunshine in the northern regions but also to increase the share of solar energy in the country’s energy mix, which is still largely dominated by hydropower and thermal at 38.2%.

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