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300MW coal-fired power plant set for construction in Malawi

A 300MW coal-fired power plant is set for construction in Malawi; this is after President Peter Mutharika met with a Chinese consortium to discuss the details of the planned project.

The president met the Chairperson of the China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC) the parent company of the China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Company; Wang Jianping and directors of the company, who have been tasked with constructing the plant.

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“We need the extra energy as soon as yesterday and that is why we are very serious about this project. If we have their extra wattage from this project, our economy will perform much better in future,” Mutharika emphasized.

CEEC chairman Wang Jiang said that as a company they have also finalized and secured approval for all the two preparatory phases of the project and that their company will soon be on the ground in Malawi to start implementing the project once AXIM Bank of China does its part.

All the 14 conditions that were set by the financiers AXIM Bank of China for Malawi to access the loan for the project have already been met.

The coal-fired power plant

The coal-fired power plant will immensely help to provide electricity in the country since shortage of electricity to industries is one of the major challenges Malawian companies and citizens are facing.

The mega project is expected to be implemented under the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) model.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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