$30m Piedmont Atlanta Women Services department renovations

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The Piedmont Atlanta Women Services department will soon undergo a $30 million renovation and upgrade of its facilities.  Piedmont Atlanta hospital intends on renovating a number of facilities within its Women’s department, which are located on the second floor of the main hospital.

Renovations on the Piedmont Atlanta Women Services department will cover upgrades on areas such as  Labor and Delivery, Antepartum, the intermediate nursery, neonatal intensive care and postpartum. In addition, ample family support and education spaces will be included. Officials also say that Piedmont Atlanta is also working on renewing its oncology services, alongside its Women’s Center renovation project.

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$5 M donations raised for renovating the Piedmont Atlanta Women Services department

According to Piedmont Healthcare, philanthropic donations worth about $5 million have been raised to assist in funding the Piedmont Atlanta’s renovation project. The officials also shed more light on the project and stated that the renovations would involve all clinical areas related to the female patient population, which include Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby, nursery and Intensive Care Nursery. They pointed out that optimizing family support and education spaces would greatly enhance the hospital’s operational efficiencies. Piedmont Healthcare said in a statement, “We are proud of the excellent clinical care we have always been able to offer, and are excited that our facility will soon reflect that same level of excellence.”

Piedmont Atlanta’s renovations will commence once an approval is granted from the Georgia health planners. Construction is expected to begin in spring of 2022 and during the construction period, Piedmont Atlanta hospital will remain fully operational and continue offering Women’s Services.

The M.D and CEO of Piedmont’s Physician Enterprise, Charlie Brown mentioned that the renovation project, was aimed at creating a more patient-friendly spaces and making room for the anticipated future growth of their service line. Brown pointed out that ultimately, this would enable the hospital care for more women within the community.