90kW Hybrid Mini-Grid in Niger State of Nigeria Inaugurated

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Abubakar Sani Bello recently inaugurated a 90kW hybrid mini-grid in Niger, built by ENGIE Energy Access, one of the leading Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGo) and mini-grids solutions provider in Africa, to link un-electrified households and small businesses in the west-central state of Nigeria.

According to Sani Bello, the executive Governor of Niger State also known as Lolo, ENGIE Energy Access through the 90kW Hybrid Mini-Grid in Niger will, for the first time ever, connect the people of the Gbangba community in Niger State to an electric power supply, empowering over 300 customers, including households and micro and small businesses.

By delivering affordable, dependable, and clean electricity, the mini-grid will directly benefit over 1,500 individuals.

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Benefits of the 90kW Hybrid Mini-Grid in Niger according to ENGIE Energy Access

Bankole Cardoso, managing director of ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria, stated that the Gbangba community, its people, and its neighbors will benefit from this mini grid’s socio-economic development and prosperity. He said that the project will cater to both private households and commercial enterprises, such as shops, grocery stores, bakeries, and mobile phone chargers.

The MD added that the ENGIE Energy Access 90kW hybrid mini-grid project will also increase farmer productivity and food production by powering agricultural loads like irrigation pumps and cold storage, productive loads like grind mills and wood or metalworking shops, and semi-industrial ones like telecom towers and processing plants.

According to Gillian-Alexandre Huart, CEO of ENGIE Energy Access, the mini-grid is not only a win for the Gbangba community, but also for Nigeria as a whole, as it demonstrates the organization’s strong commitment to meeting the country’s growing decentralized energy needs with plans to build over 100 mini-grids.