ADEME, Bollore Group partner to boost electrification roll-out in Guinea

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In West Africa, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bollore Group for electrification roll-out in Guinea.

Villages situated in upper Guinea will in next to no time receive power through a pilot project under the management of Blue Solutions, an auxiliary of Bollore Group, the Media reported.
According to media, the first juncture will be rolled out this year and shapes part of the nation’s directive to electrify more than 14 villages in upper Guinea.

“This collaboration fortifies the operations carried out by States in the structure of the African Renewable Energy Initiative,” the press reported.

The logistics firm will sustain its subsidiary by giving human, mechanical and fiscal resources to execute the project.

The Media also reported: “In order to trim down the energy divide in Conakry, ground-breaking spaces have already been put aside in Dixinn and Kaloum.

“The electrification of this village signifies a straight continuation of Blue Solutions projects around the development of its LMP batteries for electricity storage.”

In other news, Guinea’s neighbor Guinea-Bissau has been looking to carry out an impact study of environmental and social viability of the Saltinho Hydroelectric project on the Corubal River in Guinea Bissau.

An appeal by the Organization for the Development of the Gambia River (OMVG), the project design will mull over a second downstream dam at Cussilinta with a projected capacity of 34MW and the impact of potential dams upstream in Guinea (with the likes such as Fello Sounga, Kourawel).

The project is part of the second generation of the OMVG’s energy programme for the expansion of the electricity network connecting the related nations.

The administration of Guinea Bissau is promoting renewable forms of energy such as solar PV systems, wind energy, biomass and other renewable energy systems and technologies