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Al Bateen Airport Upgrade Project in Abu Dhabi Completed

The Al Bateen Airport upgrade project in Abu Dhabi has officially been completed after three months of construction. The facility had been closed to all aircraft, excluding helicopters from the 11th of May this year. This was necessary to facilitate the implementation of the upgrade project.  

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The project’s success is attributed to the close cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Airports (AD Airports) and the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The project included ground lighting and signage as well as enhanced landscaping and runway resurfacing. Additionally, the runway was widened to accommodate larger aircraft(s).

As a result, the runway will now be able to handle twin-aisle jets such as the Boeing 767. Before the upgrade, the executive airport could only handle single-aisle planes such as the Airbus A320 as well as the Boeing 737.

Remarks on the Al Bateen Airport upgrade project

The Senior Vice President of Terminal Operations at the Abu Dhabi Airports spoke on the project. Matar Al Suwaidi said that the major problem involves various elements of the airport. He noted that the refurbishment and upgrade works were carried out on everything that could be touched as well as seen.

“The facility can now accommodate 50 parked jets as well as helicopters. The distance between aligning and getting to the car is barely 100 meters. The airport, therefore, offers more convenience,” explained Al Suwaidi. 

Furthermore, Al Suwaidi revealed that there are plans to rename the three existing terminals before the end of the year. The renaming of the terminals, he explained, will be a part of a branding initiative that will further enhance the airport in general.

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