Al Mamsha Raseel Zone 3 Project in Sharjah, UAE, Launched

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The third zone at the ongoing US$ 1.3M Al Mamsha Rasel project has officially been launched. Also known as the Al Mamsha Sharjah development, the project is billed as the first fully walkable community. It offers apartments that range from one, two, and three-bedroom units.

It is under the development of the Alef Group. The latter is a privately held lifestyle experience provider founded by Sheikh Khalid Bin Sultan Al Qasimi. The company is also a pioneer in developing premier lifestyle communities, destinations, and experiences. ZIt archives this through investment and strategic joint ventures.

An overview of the project Zone 3

Generally, the Al Mamsha Raseel Zone 3 is a mixed-used project that integrates leisure, smart living, and retail.

It boasts a total investment of $435.6 million. In total, the project features 2210 units. These units will be available in one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. Additionally, the apartments will also include private terraces.

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In Arabic, Al Mamsha Raseel translates to pure water. Thus, the project’s design features a diverse range of stunning water features. These include interactive fountains in play areas. Furthermore, the project’s design also features landscaping features alongside ample walkways.

Aim for the the Al Mamsha Raseel

Alef Group stated that the aim is to provide a unique lifestyle experience with the project. The firm had three main objectives with the project. The first objective was to create a benchmark urban development in Sharjah. The second was to develop property that is different from what’s available in the local market. Lastly, to offer development that can adapt to market demand.

Moreover, the firm added the project will best suit retailers as well as those seeking a unique living experience. The firm added that the development will be an embodiment of the key elements of Sharjah’s rich history. Lastly, Alef Group concluded by saying that the project will positively contribute to the city.