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The design for the ultra-luxury Triple Bay Yacht Club that is set to be Amaala marina developments centrepiece has officially been unveiled.

Located along the northern-western coast of Saudia Arabia, within the Triple Bay Marina of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve, the yacht club will be a keystone development for AMAALA as it features a free-flowing structure that aims to create a meeting point right between sea and land.

Triple Bay Yacht Club Design Overview 

The design for the project was done by the architecture firm HKS. The project’s design drew inspiration from two sets of geometry. HKS took a look at the unique rock formations of the Saudi Red Sea coastline and created the club’s custom cantilevered terraces that echo the natural shape of the surrounding cliffs that have been eroded over time by sea and wind.

The design director at the architecture firm, Dan Flower, stated that they aimed to create the project inspired by the local culture as well as the local landscapes alongside the nature of a marine lifestyle. The second inspiration for the project was withdrawn from the relationship between maritime history as well as the sea and mankind.

The building will feature a nautical edge that ensures it sits seamlessly within the marina as a focal point and a central hub. In addition to the ‘sea meets land’ concept, the Triple Bay Yacht Club project design references the concept of a traditional Arabian house with a touch of simple and smooth white exterior. The smooth exterior is cut back to externally reveal metal alongside a palette of locally sourced and natural materials such as leather, timber, and stone.  

Amaala marina development overview 

Managed by The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the Amaala marina development is a land and property megaproject that is being developed along the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia.

The project which is part of the kingdom’s “Saudi Vision 2030” – an ambitious plan that was first revealed by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in 2016, consists of three main developments which are the Amaala Island, with its gallery, academy, working studios and artisanal shops; the Coastal Development for events; and Triple Bay, which will act as a wellness retreat complete with state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities.

Overall Amaala will have 2,500 hotel rooms and more than 800 residential villas, apartments, and homes, in addition to 200 shops, restaurants, and recreation offerings.

Reported earlier

March 2022

Amaala Employee Village in Triple Bay: Contract Awarded for Phase 1 Infrastructure Development

A contract for the development of infrastructure for the first phase of Amaala Employee Village in Triple Bay, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been awarded. The contract was awarded by Amaala, the developer of the project to a local contractor, Haif Trading and Contracting Company.

The latter was chosen in recognition of their extensive understanding of the local landscape and capabilities in creating short and long-term residential communities. The company also has got proven capabilities in the creation of short-term and long-term residential communities while maintaining high environmental standards.

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Haif Trading and Contracting Company will be responsible for the construction of network paths, walkways, street lighting, and public real landscaping, walkways as well as Wadi diversion works and bulk earthworks. The infrastructure development contract for the project also includes the contraction of a potable water network, utility hubs, an irrigation network, a firefighting network, a sewage network, and stormwater drainage.

Amaala Employee Village setting new standards in the luxury community living sector

In a statement, the chief executive officer at AMAALA, John Pagani, explained that the Amaala Employee Village Project aims and will set new benchmarks within the luxury community living sector.

He said that their ambition will start with the state-of-the-art residential facilities, the construction of which has already begun with site mobilization activities, followed by bulk earthworks that were completed last month, February.

In this coming April, the deep-level services will be carried out and the first phase of the project is scheduled to be finalized in 2024.