Plans underway for construction of US$86.8 million architectural glass plant in Tanzania

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An architectural glass plant in Tanzania will soon be established by Keda Industrial Group, a Chinese company at a total cost of US$86.8 million. The plant is anticipated to have an annual output capacity of 600 tons of architectural glass upon completion in approximately 12 months’ time. 

The project is part of Keda Industrial‘s strategy to expand the variety of materials such as architectural glass in the African market and boost its market shareAccording to the company, recent years have seen an increase in the demand for building materials on the African market as a result of a number of reasons, including population increase, rapid real estate development, and stable economic growth.

Keda Industrial stated that it made the decision to build a glass factory in light of the total lack of glass production capacity in Tanzania and the surrounding countries. The company added that the products will be shipped to consumers in Tanzania. The products will also be exported to the bordering countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia.

The architectural glass plant funding

According to the statement by Keda Industrial, the company will obtain loans totaling USD 52 million from financial institutions. The loans will be used to fund the project.

In 2016, the company entered the construction material market in Africa. According to Keda Industrial, it currently has more than 14 ceramic product production plants in operation. It also has eight plants that are under construction in five African nations, including Tanzania.

Keda Industrial Group manufactures and markets clean coal as well as gas technology systems for consumption by energy industries such as the paper, glass, non-ferrous metal processing, ceramics, chemistry, and glass industries.