Angola set for 310 kilometers road rehabilitation works

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The national government of the Republic of Angola, through the ministry of construction and public works, is set to carry out road rehabilitation works on  310 kilometers of road between Muamussanda in North Lunda province and Saurimo in South Lunda province.

The ministry has already contracted the US$ 335M project to a consortium between a local company Omatapalo, S.A, and Mota- Engil Angola, the subsidiary of MOTA-ENGIL S.G.P.S., S.A. (MOTA-ENGIL) which is a Portuguese group in the sectors of civil construction, public works, port operations, waste, water, and logistics.

As per the road rehabilitation works contract, the two companies will rehabilitate the National Road (EN) 230 and also construct the new Saurimo Bypass within a span of 18 months from the date the contract was signed.

The importance of the EN 230

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The EN 230 is one of the main road routes in the country, connecting the capital Luanda to the city of Saurimo, crossing the provinces of Bengo, Kwanza Norte, Malange, Lunda Norte, and Lunda Sul and preceding to connect to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

This route, therefore, assumes “special importance in supporting the development of the country’s economic activity, with a special focus on agricultural and mining activities, as a logistical corridor that facilitates and accelerates the flow of supplies and production from both sectors.

In a statement, MOTA-ENGIL said that the project corresponds to the reinforcement of the order book in the road infrastructure component, thus diversifying the type of works underway in that market, a fundamental aspect in the risk mitigation policy, and maximization of the use of the assets that the group has in the Southern Africa country.