Angola to build 20 Bridges in Alto-Zambezi, Eastern Moxico province

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The government of Angola is set to build atleast 20 bridges in the municipality of Alto-Zambeze, eastern Moxico province. This is to allow the circulation of people and goods in the region, in the scope of the Integrated Programme of Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM).

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The project

According to the Deputy Governor for Technical Services and Infrastructure, Wilson Augusto, the project will cover the municipalities of Bundas, Luacano and Lutchazes, as well as Muangai commune, in the municipality of Moxico.

The road section linking Ninda municipality to Malundo on the border between Bundas municipality and the Republic of Zambia is currently being rehabilitated, and the province will soon receive 120 linear metres of bridges.

Alto-Zambezi municipality covers an area of 48,356 square kilometres and is located 519 kilometres to the south-east of Luena. It has over 100,000 inhabitants.

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  1. Lundandembu areas of jurisdictions in Zambia, angola and drc are not well given attention by our various governments .the people in these areas such as mushiko or mexico province angola, north western province of Zambia and lualaba province of drc don’t know where these governments shall actualise real development infrastructure in these lunda ndembu dominated areas like zambezi district, kasanji district in drc and cazombu , makondu and calunda districts in Angola.

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