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Construction will soon commence on a $250 million Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Facility in Verona. The California-based Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc., intends to build this facility on a 13 acre-site, which the company recently purchased at the Verona Technology Park.

This new 255,000-sf Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Facility will be the company’s second pharmaceutical complex to be built in Wisconsin, consisting of a 140,000-square-foot drug manufacturing facility and a 115,000-square-foot laboratory. But unlike the company’s other facilities, which include its Pasadena HQ, the Madison and San Diego facilities; this new campus in Verona will be completely devoted to drug manufacturing and Arrowhead says this signifies that it’s progressing from the research and development phase to the commercialization of its medication treatments.

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New Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Facility brings 250 jobs to Verona

At the new Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Facility in Verona, the company will focus solely on developing a variety of medications used for treating a wide range of diseases, through the use of its RNA technology. According to the company, this RNA technology silences the genes that propagate the diseases and the process is referred to as TRiM. Robert Tiegen, an Arrowhead associate counsel, also mentioned that this expansion project would create up to 250 new jobs in Madison, with a mix of positions that pay upto five times the minimum wage in the area. Construction is scheduled to begin by winter, with the opening set for the end of 2023.

Christopher Anzalone, the company’s chief executive gave more insights on the new Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Facility and how this new development would support the company’s growing pipeline and positions. Anzalone also mentioned that this new pharmaceutical facility in Verona would help the company make further advancements in its production process, especially on a commercial level for the company’s TRiM-enabled drug candidates. He said Arrowhead acknowledges this as a strong competitive advantage, as the company continues advancing towards its main goal of commercializing its rapidly progressing clinical candidates. Anzalone added, “Arrowhead’s pipeline of what we believe are industry-leading investigational RNAi medicines continues to expand rapidly.”