Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2 construction completed.

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Construction at Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2 construction has officially been completed. Notice for the opening of the US$235 million terminal was given just this week. The new terminal will be used alongside the existing Terminal 1 and the soon-to-be-added Terminal 5. Terminal 2 at Brandenburg Airport will give the airport an annual capacity of 40 million passengers. The existing Terminal 1 is connected to the new terminal via two bridges. On 25 October, the existing Schöneld Airport will become Terminal 5 of the new BER complex, ahead of the airport’s planned opening on 31 October. The Brandenburg Airport Terminal 2 construction has been completed in two years; after initially getting the go-ahead on 7 July 2017, the plan for the terminal was changed and work eventually began in October 2018. The finished facility has an annual capacity of 6 million passengers.

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Berlin Brandenburg is set to open later this year, to replace both Schönfeld and Berlin Tegel airports. While Schönfeld is being absorbed into the new airport, Tegel will close on in November. Air France, which was the first civil airline to land at Tegel in 1960 will be the last to depart from the airport on 8 November. Despite the new Brandenburg airport having three terminals at its disposal, airport bosses are not expecting to put all of the new facilities into immediate use, due to the ongoing drop in passenger numbers due to the Coronavirus pandemic and international travel restrictions.

With the opening of BER airport, all air traffic in the German capital region will be concentrated in one location. Berlin is a major tourist magnet, political center and trade fair city. The state of Brandenburg has been gaining economic importance, attracting global companies, such as Tesla. The new airport location is an important hub for linking the strong economic and tourism region to more than 150 destinations worldwide. During the ceremonial opening, a Lufthansa and an easyJet plane will be landing simultaneously at the new airport.