Google could turn walls into image-displaying screens

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Google has patented an idea whose implementation will see building walls display images in form of themes, wallpapers and slideshows.

Walls will be covered with a photo-reactive paint such that images will be created when light or laser is projected on the walls. The images displayed on Building walls can then be changed using a smartphone or a computer.

The themes will imitate weather, natural environment, for instance, or the walls of the buildings could also display live sports scores or even Halloween and Christmas themes. It will also be possible to adjust themes to avoid covering of existing pictures and shelves.

According to the patent, the functionality will be extended to support video, such that stream television or films can be streamed on the building walls. It appears that the ideas is to extend the features in Chromecast streaming device that streams from mobile devices to televisions. This is because the patent says the displayed images on walls of buildings will have to be controlled by a cell phone or computer.

The creative idea will be revolutionary, although Google has said in response for a comment on conversion of the idea into products, that some of the ideas it patents are converted into products while others are not. “We hold patents on a variety of ideas—some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don’t. Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patents.” Google said.

Google is also set to launch solar-powered drones in the sky as a long-term strategy towards offering universal internet access.