Burkina Faso: ONEA to drill and construct boreholes in Bouss?

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The National Office of Water and Sanitation in Burkina Faso, (Office National de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement or ONEA in short), is set to drill and construct four boreholes in Boussé, a town in the Central Plateau region of the West African country.

According to the Burkinabe Ministry of Water and Sanitation, the town of Boussé now has nearly 827 subscribers and 16 standpipes supplied by groundwater from only two boreholes with a combined capacity of 150 cubic meters per day while the current demand for drinking water in the town is estimated at 850 cubic meters per day.

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Upon completion, the project which is part of the action plan for the management of the hot period of 2021, is expected to cover more than half of the water needs of Boussé, with a cumulative flow of 320 cubic meters per day.

The government of the West African Country, according to Ousmane Nacro, the Minister of Water and Sanitation plans to drill five more boreholes in the future to meet the drinking water needs of the entire population of Boussé.

Funding for the project

The project in question, whose cost is estimated at US$ 593,987 is funded by the Kingdom of Denmark.

The latter has already disbursed over US$ 3.2m to help ONEA to strengthen the capacity of drinking water supply in the cities of Kaya, Ouahigouya, Kombissiri, and Djibo.

Other initiatives to reduce water scarcity in households in the country are also underway. This includes the Water and Sanitation Sector Policy Support Programme (PAPS-EA) that is funded by the European Union (EU) and its partners, and the Capacity Building Project for the Governance of Drinking Water Supply, Hygiene, and Sanitation Services.