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California to construct World’s largest highway overpass for wildlife

The government of California is set to construct the World’s largest highway overpass for wildlife in Southern California. The project will try to fend off the extinction of mountain lions and other animals that require more room to roam.

The current price tag of the project is  US $87m, with 20% of that coming from public funding. Expected to be complete in 2023, the overpass will be the largest in the world, stretching 200 feet above 10 lanes of busy highways and a feeder road just 35 miles northwest of downtown LA.

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The highway overpass

According to engineer Sheik Moinuddin, the project manager with the California Department of Transportation, construction of the project will take place mostly at night and will not require any lengthy shutdowns of the 101 freeway.

In addition to that, Beth Pratt of the National Wildlife Federation added that 80% of the money for the project will come from private sources. “More than US $13.5m in private funding has already been raised. Officials are considering offering naming rights to the bridge if an entity or individual – perhaps a Hollywood studio or star – ponies up a significant donation,” she added.

Once completed, the project will also give big cats, coyotes, deer, lizards, snakes and other creatures a safe route to open space and better access to food and potential mates. The project will also provide a safe and natural passage for mountain lions and other animals migrating between wilderness areas.

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