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Cameroon welcomes a newly constructed tier III data center

The Republic of Cameroon has welcomed a newly constructed tier III data center facility dubbed “The Zamengoe data center” and which is reportedly the biggest of its kind in the Central Africa sub-region.

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The €15 million facility sits on a 3,019 m2 piece of land on the outskirts of Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon. It compromises of five building apartments, a 400 m2 server room as well as a supervision room with eight working stations.

Other features include an access management system, surveillance cameras, fire detection, and fire-fighting system, automated energy management system of 440KW and four standby electric generators of 1,000 kVA with a 40,000-litre capacity of gas oil.

It has a capacity of 2,000 terabytes.

Entities behind the 2,000 terabytes capacity tier III data center project

The Zamengoe data center project was financed by the Exim Bank of ChinaExim Bank of China and developed by Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel), a state-owned national telecommunications service provider, offering voice, data, VSAT and Internet services.

The facility was constructed by China Shenyang International Cooperation Co. Ltd., a Chinese based engineering firm engaged in civil, road, and bridge construction, and equipped by Huawei Technologies Cameroon.

According to Minette Libom Li Likeng, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, the Zamengoe data center should be transformed into a real hosting opportunity to serve not only Camtel but also the growing demand of entities that generate or use data such as government agencies, educational bodies, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, retailers of all sizes and the providers of online information and social networking services such as Google and Facebook.

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications was speaking during the inspection visit to the data center facility sometime last week.

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